Asterisk Custom Communications Solutions


Asterisk is the world's most widely adopted open source communications software.

The combination of our expertise and Asterisk makes it simple for us to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services to help your business. Asterisk is open source software that turns an ordinary computer into a feature-rich voice communications server. Asterisk makes it simple to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services. With Asterisk, we can build anything from small business solutions to complex multi-location enterprise communication systems using standard computer hardware. Canada, the Europe Union, and the United States. As a Certified Asterisk integrator, we can help you create the custom communications solution that is right for you.

  • Asterisk. Digium's open source communications engine powers voice and video communication solutions worldwide. Discover the power of Asterisk, let us help you choose the right custom communications solution for you.
  • Freedom. Asterisk is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 license. We can create a solution unique to the needs of your business
  • Flexibility. Asterisk seamlessly connects with VoIP and legacy communication systems.


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