IP Telephony for SMB & Enterprise

 Hosted PBX is a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system that utilizes cloud-based technology, to connect your business without the costs of a traditional phone system. Our hosted PBX grows with your business, letting you easily add users or locations at any time. Whether you are a small business of five or a Mid size company, our Hosted PBX will managed all your unified communication needs.

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Advantages of Hosted PBX System

Adaptability & Cost Effective – A hosted PBX system will reduce the costs of exponentially. If your company is in the position of expense cutting then a Hosted PBX solution is the way to go as these systems are reliable and cost effective. This solution has many advantages which can increase your company’s notoriety and will offer an improved structure which is conducive to a simplified structure of communication and mobile integration. The client can choose “EBS ProConnect” package (Cisco Managed Router with built in wireless connection, ready for fail over operation) which will be fully managed by EB Solution’s NOC (Network Operations Center) or to use your own equipment and to connect to our Data-Center via supplied secured credentials.

SIP Trunking

Whether you require a IP telephony system for your Asterisk or VoIP Gateways associated with your Legacy (Analog) PBX, or need to use the VoIP capacities of your Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Samsung, LG, Toshiba or other brand of telephone system then our business quality SIP trunking systems are for you. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have a VoIP perfect telephone framework you can at present exploit our low rates and line rental by introducing a VoIP passage which will permit you to route calls from your telephone system over the web to our SIP Trunk system.

Network Design

Our cloud network infrastructure , designed with the ability for each client to have its own network, which mean secure, reliable, private and stable connection to your own dedicated cloud IP PBX. Each Telephony system will have its own backup with automatic fail over in case the main PBX encounters any difficulties due to “Out-Of-Band” issues (things that we cannot control i.e: physical connectivity dropping in our main Data-Center, environmental disasters affecting the main Data-Center and more).

Hybrid Connection

EB Solution offers unique possibility for clients to have their own private cloud PBX with no maintenance or management tasks to take care and configured as a fail over solution for physical PBX deployed on-site. Each client will have the option to choose our own connection based gear (Cisco routers) with our provided wireless connection (Wireless GSM connectivity) which is configured on “Stand By Mode” in case the main connection will fail.

Wireless Fail Over Connection

EB Solution offers wireless independent Wireless GSM connection for clients to serve as backup connection in case the client’s main connection will fail. The client will have the option to choose the “EBS ProConnect” package (Cisco Managed Router with built in wireless connection, ready for fail over operation) or “Stand Alone” GSM connectivity with external wireless router.

White Label Solution

EB Solution offers Service providers, Resellers and Affiliates to have an account with EBS and offer all the solutions and packages as their own solution. After registering with us, you can offer, sell. promote and advertise all our programs as your own. In addition our Pre-Sale Engineers will help you to close the deal if you require. Together we will provide you with a full scope of services until you will close the deal: Pre-Sale design, sales diagram, Custom infrastructure and Post-Sales support and NOC services.

EB Solution is a "One Stop Shop" for Managed IT Service companies, Service Providers, Resellers, Affiliates and Distributors.

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