IT Support For Dispensaries And The Legal Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is unlike any other — it presents unique technology challenges and strict compliance requirements. It operates in a rare intersection of conventional business, and highly regulated products.

On the technical side, there is a range of laws, compliance concerns, and regulations that come into play every time you make a sale. That’s why it’s unlikely that a general IT services company is the best choice for you.

Setting up a couple of computers, inventory software and a basic Point of Sales system is one thing. Doing so with the full knowledge of the compliance and regulations involved is another.

EB Solutions will help — we have the experience and knowledge you need to streamline and secure your IT processes, so you can focus on growing your business.

Managed IT Services For Cannabis Dispensaries

Your cannabis business – either on the grow or retail side of things – is as complex or even more complex than the average business. You have higher security and compliance concerns than most agricultural companies, and your retail operations face the same complexities.

That’s why you need a comprehensive, proactive IT services firm that can handle your growth and the 24/7 nature of your IT systems requirements. That’s exactly what EB Solutions does. We take care of everything on the IT side of a cannabis business, so you can work on running and scaling the business.

Forward-thinking companies care about being proactive about the function and security of their business technology. EB Solutions recognizes the need for this, and we have put together a robust IT services platform to ensure that cannabis companies with a high demand for always-on technology get exactly what they need.

A range of critical services and solutions can be combined into a tailored IT services package for your business. In return for a predictable monthly fee, we will manage the security, stability, and function of your IT systems.

This is an IT support strategy called “Managed IT Services”. Managed IT Services gets your business out of the expensive hourly support cycle and into a place where you can depend on your technology to do what it is supposed to do.

Compliance Guidance For Cannabis Dispensaries

There are complex state laws, federal HIPAA compliance, and regulations surrounding the use of point of sale systems, all in an effort to guarantee a number of key points, such as the validity of patient I.D., detailed and correct accounting of sales and inventory, and more. What’s more, you also need on-site video surveillance, and robust data management practices to make sure you’re tracking all client info as need be. Are you confident that you can handle all of that?

With the right technology and training, this can be achieved. But you don’t have to do it alone – allow EB Solutions to help:

  • Security Systems: Are you aware that all cannabis businesses are required by law to have fully functional video recording and surveillance systems in place? The following areas of your cannabis business must be monitored in order to guarantee quality in the growing process, as well as security of a controlled product:
    • Offices
    • Inventory
    • Salesfloor
    • Stock area
    • Parking lot
    • Grow facility
    • Employee activity
  • Wireless Security: Your wireless networks need to be secure. The EB Solutions team can help you defend your wireless networks and the data they access by delivering a range of services:
    • Threat management investigation
    • Overall wireless security strategy plan
    • Complete wireless security assessment
    • Identity and access management plan for trusted users
    • Risk/Compliance plan to manage any regulatory requirements
    • Access services on your network using approved wireless devices
    • Detailed incident management plan, when responding to incidents
    • Provide reduce risk training and awareness to address human behavior
    • Assess your current architecture evaluation plan and provide improvements
  • Point Of Sales Compliance: Compliance in the sales process is one of your most important considerations. Our consultants can assist you in making sure that your POS system meets or exceeds all legal and compliance hurdles and you receive the following benefits:
    • Increasing accuracy to reduce overhead
    • Easy calculating for daily or monthly reports
    • Seed to sale tracking capabilities streamlined
    • Control and deter theft while monitoring employees

Security Support For Cannabis Dispensaries

It’s important to consider the security of your customers’ financial and medical information.

Due to the medical use of the product, the cannabis industry overlaps with the healthcare world. The Protected Health Information (PHI) you deal with has to be secured against cybercriminals.

You also need to be considering the security of your cannabis payment systems. Due to how cash-heavy the industry has been, there has been a considerable opportunity for the introduction of new payment systems to help simplify these processes.

Unfortunately, these new systems are often ideal targets for hackers. They have been developed quickly to fill a large demand, a process during which corners are often cut, especially when it comes to security.

The best way to enhance the data backup capabilities of your organization is to work with a capable IT company like EB Solutions. Our team can fulfill the following requirements:

  • Comprehensive Backups: The backup solution should provide both local onsite backup for quick recovery in instances of data loss, as well as offsite cloud-based backup for when your business is hit with a critical disaster.
  • Regularly Testing: Your IT company shouldn’t expect you to assume that your backups will just work when needed. We will regularly test your backups to verify their effectiveness in the event that something goes wrong with your onsite data.
  • Convenient Restoration: Don’t settle for clumsy, all-or-nothing backups. You should be able to choose a point in time to restore in the event that the data has been deleted, corrupted, or there has been a malicious intrusion.

Harness Expert IT Support For Your Cannabis Dispensary

EB Solutions has a thorough understanding of the complex balance of the needs of the business, the needs of the industry, and the compliance expectations you’re expected to meet.

From cybersecurity to physical security, from communication to compliance, we want to help you grow – technology, security, and success is the foundation of our partnership with you.

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