Network As A Service Solutions

Imagine that you can ask one provider to design, install, monitor, maintain and support your network, and all without the investment in an enterprise grade hardware or hiring costly network engineers consultants. You can stop imaging, its all in one place. EB Solution offer Network As A Service (NaaS) Solutions. EBS will Design, Document, Install, Monitor and Maintain you Global network without any geographic limitation* of your branches. Perfect solution to all kinds: Small businesses with single location, SMB with multiple locations and Enterprises with multiple branches and scalable HQ delegations. EBS’s NaaS program will include all hardware and licensing at no cost to the client, when enrolled to one of our ProCare™ programs.

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Complete Engineering Scope
Security And Maintenance
Business Intelligence:  Analytics and Statistics
There’s no charge to start EBS’s NaaS service evaluation. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes, and we have a dedicated evaluation support team ready to help you at every step of the way.
Design, Management, Monitoring (ProCare™ Program), and Security – All in one place. A Network is built based on many factors and all of them are optimized based on individual business case, Scalable to support few to many clients across unified network, pro-active monitoring on all network aspects.
Major Security components: PCI Compliance, HIPAA, Two factor authentication, User based Access Control and more.
Data Collection on wireless devices, locations and presence, For example, retailers need to understand capture rate, which is the ratio of people passing by the store versus actually coming inside. Engagement: A value in minutes showing the amount of time visitors spent within the range of the wireless network. Loyalty: Percentage of new vs. repeat visitors.

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