What Is The Price Of Outsourced IT Service In Toronto?

The price of outsourced IT services in Toronto depends on several factors. Once you decide you want to contract an MSP, you will need to do an audit to determine the services you want to outsource. Here are some of the factors your IT Company may consider to determine the price IT services in Toronto.

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Type of IT Services Needed

There are 2 types of services you can outsource, as explained below:

Partial Outsourced IT Services

You can outsource some of your IT services and leave your internal IT team to deal with others. This is where you audit the skill gaps in your IT department to determine the IT services your in-house team may not handle effectively. You may also outsource partially when you have a shortage of IT specialists in your IT department.

Fully Outsourced IT Services

An organization may decide not to host an internal IT department but rely entirely on an external team to handle its IT services. You may not be sure the kind of IT employees or technologies you need to set up and manage your IT infrastructure effectively.

A managed IT service provider can give you valuable insights to run reliable, efficient, and secure IT systems to propel your business operations to your desired growth level. Your external IT services provider may offer to-tier services enjoyed by large corporations at an affordable rate.

Factors Determining the Price Of Outsourced IT Services

Type of Services Needed

Partial services are not priced the same as fully outsourced IT services. Expect different quotes for these 2 types of outsourced IT services in Toronto.


A large organization may have more devices than a small or mid-sized organization. It may also have more employees needing support.

This means the external IT team may spend more time there than they would in a small organization. This affects the price of your outsourced IT services.

Number of Devices

The more devices a company has, the more support they need.

Type of Services Needed

Consider the type of IT services you want from your IT service company. Some companies need basic maintenance of their computing devices. However, others need support in cybersecurity management, cloud services, networking, and training in IT-related topics.

Number of Hours 

While you may not want to pay for IT services in Toronto on a per-hour basis, the time the external IT team spends in your organization affects the price of your IT services. Depending on the contract you sign with your IT company, you may benefit from longer hours without additional costs.

Contract Length

Shorter contract lengths may be more costly than lengthy ones. Most providers prefer contracts that run for 1 year or more.

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How are Outsourced IT Services Priced in Toronto?

In Toronto, IT service companies use different models to price their services. Let’s explore them here:

Per-Device Pricing

In this model, you present all the devices you use in your company before the IT service company can give you a quote. Depending on the size of your organization, your devices may include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, servers, and cloud-based storage devices.

Per-User Pricing

This is the most common pricing model. The IT company will look at the number of employees who depend on IT to perform their tasks. The reasoning behind this is that these employees will call for support occasionally.

Rather than paying for individual employee support needs, you may get a quote for the price of helping out all the employees whenever they need support.

Monitoring-Only Pricing

You may choose a monitoring-only service where your IT service provider monitors your systems for ransomware, non-compliance, unoptimized applications, and upcoming updates. In that case, the IT company will alert your in-house IT team about antiviruses and anti-malware needed to secure systems against new threats.

You may also get alerts about compliances you have not achieved, as well as reminders about the technologies that need updating. Under this model, you will also get alerts about cybersecurity incidents affecting your company, such as unsuccessful hacking attempts.

Network Monitoring Plus Support

Most reputable providers may be reluctant to offer network monitoring alone services. Their concerns are that your internal IT team may not deal with the alerts they get adequately or effectively.

This would leave your company exposed to IT problems, defeating the reason for hiring a top-tier IT company. Besides, they are there to ensure your business continuity, and anything that threatens it makes them fail to achieve that objective.

In case of a system failure, people may apportion blame to them, denting their reputation even when they have fulfilled their mandate. Most IT companies prefer taking up monitoring and offering the support needed to deal with issues they detect.

Tiered Pricing Model

Some providers offer different price ranges for different levels of services. Once you consider your IT service needs, you can pick the option that suits your organization. This is excellent as you can scale up or down your payments depending on what you need at a specific time.

For instance, if you are overhauling your IT infrastructure to modernize it, you may choose a tier with more services. Once your team has familiarized itself with the new infrastructure, you can opt for a lower level.

With all these models, most providers ask for an initial payment and a monthly payment. The monthly charges vary depending on the pricing model you prefer.

Some providers ask for a fixed monthly retainer. However, you agree with the provider if the retainer will meet all your monthly costs or you will pay extra for specific services.

With a fixed retainer, you can estimate the cost of your monthly IT services. It also reduces the number of invoices you have to deal with and may cost you less.

Besides, you will experience less downtime since your IT support team monitors your systems and remedies any arising issues continuously. Most of the support is proactive, reducing your IT problems significantly.

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