IT Services for the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry booms, your SMB needs to adopt the most efficient IT services to enhance your operations and drive your business to the next level. You need technology support to overcome operational challenges and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Remember that the laws governing the sale as well as consumption of marijuana vary from state to state, and keep changing.

EB Solution will help you stay compliant at all times because we keep an eye out on the changing laws and update your systems accordingly. We also keep your IT systems functioning optimally. Helping you to stand out from the competition, as well as scale more efficiently.

IT Services Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry IT Services

EB Solution offers the following IT services for the cannabis industry:

Creating wireless networks

EB Solution is committed to the productivity and efficiency of your marijuana business through the creation of reliable wireless networks. We design, configure, monitor, and maintain your wireless networks to ensure they perform optimally.

We work with your existing network infrastructure to minimize your expenditure on the acquisition of hardware and software. You can trust us to get your IT department up and running within the shortest time possible and at a minimal cost.

Data security and backup

The threats to your data security continue to mount. Especially from cybercriminals keen to break into your IT systems and hope to make a kill. Another common problem is hardware and software failure resulting from natural calamities or human errors – or even on their own. EB Solution considers data security and backup as an integral aspect of your cannabis business.

We provide affordable as well as reliable cloud-based data storage and backup services. Data in a cloud is far more secure than on your in-house systems. It is also easier to retrieve when a disaster happens. You can also access it from anywhere and on any platform.

Seed-to-sale software

One of the main IT services for the cannabis industry is seed-to-sale software support. We help you to implement this software to enhance and simplify your processes. This software allows for easier and more efficient sales of cannabis seeds. Our professional and experienced technicians ensure your software is up to date and functioning optimally.

Point of sale systems

We can also help to select and configure your point of sale systems to reduce overhead costs, enhance accuracy and improve reporting. These systems need to be at their optimal at all times because they capture important data that helps you keep track of your stock movement.

Our professionals monitor them 24/7 to identify any potential issues as well as fix them before they affect your cannabis business. You can always trust us for efficient and reliable services. And to be with you at every step of your business journey, and see you grow to the next level.

Vendor liaison

Since IT hardware and software can be so expensive, we need to ensure you get value for your money when you purchase them. To achieve this feat, we act as your vendor liaison to ensure you get exactly what you pay for. Feel free to consult us whenever you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure. And we will help you get the best from the market.

Video surveillance systems

We install video surveillance systems in the necessary areas, including your premises, and your cannabis farms, for a live feed of the day-to-day operations. These systems improve your security and keep you abreast of the progress of the cannabis crop on the farm.

EB Solution: IT Services For The Cannabis Industry

If you are looking for reliable IT services for the cannabis industry, partner with us at EB Solution for professional, affordable, and reliable services. Contact us for more information.

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