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Your small and medium-sized business (SMB) may not have enough resources to invest in enterprise-grade network hardware or hire costly network engineering experts to do the crucial job. Fortunately, EB Solution has your back. We offer network services for all clients, whether large or small. We will design, document, install, monitor, and maintain your network, linking all your branches in spite of their locations.

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Why Partner with EB Solution

Your SMB can still enjoy professional and high-end network services by partnering with a reliable network service provider. Unlike other managed service providers that focus on large-scale enterprises only, we at EB Solution attend to the small businesses, which are still growing, but still need comprehensive network services.

Here are some benefits you get when you choose EB Solution:

1. Enjoy free evaluation

If you want to try our network services without putting out your money, you are welcome to sample us out for free. We won’t ask for a cent from you until we are sure you are fully satisfied with our NaaS (Network as a Service) offerings.

Free trials don’t mean you get a below-par performance. We will lay the systems in minutes so you can have a look, and decide if you need full-fledged network services. Our dedicated evaluation team is also on standby to answer any query, and help you through the steps.

2. Access to complete engineering scope

You get all our network engineering services, such as monitoring (on the ProCare Program), management, and design, in one place. We also optimize all the components of network infrastructure depending on the specific needs of your business. For example, we can design scalable systems to make room for adding or removing users depending on the stage of growth of your organization.

You should have no worries because we take a proactive approach to your network needs. This means we don’t wait for something to happen: our teams can identify potential issues and fix them before they cause major problems to your business processes.

3. Provision of security and maintenance

Security is an indispensable factor of network infrastructure. The increased activity in cybercrime leaves you no choice but to ensure your IT systems are water-tight. But we don’t want to get worried about possible threats to your data, so we take comprehensive measures to protect your network for you.

EB Solution excels in the provision of the best security through the use of modern technologies. These technologies include:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • PCI Compliance
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • User-based Access Control

These technologies combine with our cloud-based IT solutions to keep your data and processes safe, and accessible at any time and from anywhere.

4. Business intelligence through analytics and statistics

EB Solution doesn’t stop at installation and maintenance of your network infrastructure. We can also help your SMB to grow to the next level by gathering business intelligence through Google Analytics and statistics. You need this information for making important decisions, such as which marketing strategy to uphold, or drop.

For example, we offer data collection services on wireless devices, presence, and locations. Your retail business may need to determine its capture rate. This would be possible through the calculation of the ratio of people who pass by the store, and those who actually go inside. Other important statistics to help determine the performance of your business include:

  • Engagement: The amount of time visitors spend within your network or website
  • Loyalty: The percentage of new visitors against repeat visitors.

“Top of the notch work.”

“The thing that sold me on EB Solution is how quick they understood our requirements and challenges. I have worked with IT service providers who focus too much of what they do, without understanding how their services fit into our business and vision. The cherry on top, they offer fair pricing for their suggestions.”

Thomas E. Stone

Network Services & Network Support

At EB Solution, we have all it takes to handle your network needs and issues. Our wide experience in IT services, expert technicians and friendly staff, and modern tools and technology, give us the confidence to provide top-notch network services. Contact us today if you need more info.

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