Cyber Security Training For Large To Emerging Companies In Toronto

While employees are definitely any business’s most important asset, a lot of times they are often the weakest link against security threats, which is why we are offering cyber security training in Toronto and throughout Southern Ontario. Cyber Security training can be incredibly important for your company and its employees. Research supports that human error causes nearly 90% of data breaches. Because of that, cyber threats and phishing are some of the most common techniques used to target users with low levels of security awareness. By training your employees, you can drastically reduce the chances of a data breach and better position your company in the future.

Why Toronto Companies Need Cyber Security Training

Prevention is the easiest way to fight a cyber attack. Instead of worrying about recovering after the fact, training your employees on how to prevent an attack can save your company time and money. By simply providing phishing detection and routine security awareness training for employees, you would be surprised at exactly how much money you could save. A data breach due to a cyber attack can cost a company millions of dollars.

EB Solution delivers on-demand security training for all businesses in Toronto and test simulations that will help you fight off common phishing tactics such as business email compromise attacks. Train your employees on how to look for phishing emails, so they can be the first line of defense against a cyber attack. The simulations our team can run will teach your employees to recognize and react to phishing scams and other threats before it is too late.

To make training more engaging and informative, EB Solution provides an efficient and measurable learning environment through short quizzes following a ten-minute animated explainer video. The active recall of new information promotes an employee’s ability to grasp and remember training material, ensuring that your training investment is a worthwhile one.

Keep Employees’ Skills Sharp With Regular Training

Almost as important as providing your team with initial cyber security training for your Toronto business, it is critical to keep your employees’ skills and knowledge up to date. EB Solution provides on-demand training that can be customized to launch on your company’s schedule. You can set up recurring training sessions so that cyber security is always on the minds of your teams, which will help prevent more attacks.

Through previous training experience, EB Solution finds training twice per month to be most effective. Our team will help set up a schedule that works best for your company. In today’s ever-changing cyber security landscape, one simple human error can lead to serious damage and risk that companies can no longer ignore. EB Solution can help improve your organization’s resilience against cyber threats by reducing human error through knowledge and mitigating security risks.

Repeat training is the best way to help your employees. Keep things fresh in their minds. Plus, cyber attackers are constantly learning new ways to attack and creating new phishing schemes that can victimize you and your company. With regular training, you can focus on the latest and greatest attacks, ensuring that all your employees are in tune with ways their data can be breached. With twice-monthly training, you can rest easy knowing your team is regularly being trained, giving your team the highest chance to prevent a cyber attack or a ransomware attack.

Why Focus On Prevention

Can your company survive being out of capacity for weeks at a time or losing all your data? Will your customers trust you again if their privacy and data is compromised? How much time and money do you have saved up to devote to recovering data?

Many companies who are victimized in a cyber attack simply do not recover.  An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Phishing scams attack people and prey on your employees’ vulnerabilities. With the right training, you can help to eliminate many of the weaknesses of your employees. Train them not to click on links and open pictures from sources they don’t know, for starters.

One errant click on a link can instantly put a virus on an employee’s computer. It can take seconds for your employee to be victimized, and then months or years to recover from an attack, if you can even recover at all. Good cyber security training can save you from all that pain and hassle.

Recovering After An Attack

While preventing a cyber attack is the best way to run your company, our team can help you recover if you have already been victimized by an attacker. When we run regular simulations for you, we are working to recover your data in the event of an attack. By simulating a possible phishing or cyber attack, we are strengthening your team and putting your company in a better position to recover in the event you are victimized.

By safeguarding your data and backing it up along the way, we can create snapshots in time where we can restore your data after an attack. Preventing an attack is still much easier, and cheaper, for your company, but do not panic if you have fallen victim to a cyber attack. When you contact us to discuss cyber security training options, we can also explain to you how we can help you recover if you have been attacked. As we work on your data recovery, we can also work to ensure your team and employees learn lessons from the cyber attack.

Toronto Cyber Security Training

Reach out and contact us today for more information on cyber security training for your company. Remember that this is an investment in your company. Think of this training as an insurance policy. While it will cost you a little money upfront to get your employees the skills and training they need, you will be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing an attack. Like a good insurance policy can pay for an expensive new car replacement after an accident or an expensive medical necessity, good security training is going to make sure your company is not exposed to phishing and cyber attacks, which will save you resources in the long run.

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