The Best IT Services In Vancouver

Are you a small to medium size business from Vancouver looking for a reliable IT support company? With the market flooded with hundreds of MSPs (managed service provider), it can be pretty stressful to find a right one for you. Every small business is unique but MSPs treat them the same. We are here to break that mold! EB Solution prides itself on its client-focused approach.

Our services span from network support and business telephony to cybersecurity and data recovery services to general IT management. We can do anything you want, but you pay only for ​the services you really need.

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Network Services

Large companies can afford hiring network engineer specialists to monitor and maintain their systems 24/7, your business may not have the budget to do the same. Luckily for you, you’ve got EB Solution!

Our team can install, monitor, and maintain your network at a fraction of a cost of doing it on-premise. With us you’ll get proactive maintenance & issue prevention, cut operating costs, improve security, and maximize performance of your network.

Business Telephone Services

Effective communication in business is paramount. Good communication will significantly improve your productivity while bad one can completely ruin customer experience. We’re here to optimize your communication systems with our cost-effective and reliable business telephone services.

If you haven’t switched from the traditional telephony systems, you’re missing out on a lot. We’re talking about saving up to 80% on telephony costs while enjoying mobility and flexibility, multi-platform access, desktop sharing, audio/video conferencing, etc.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Suppose your business suffered a power outage or a server crash leading to a lengthy downtime. Would you be able to retrieve your data and carry on with operations as usual? Downtimes and natural disasters can be costly to a business. Without a proper backup strategy, it can be challenging for a company to get back on its feet after losing its data.

Fortunately, EB Solution is here to guarantee your smooth continuous operation regardless of what the future holds. We act proactively by monitoring your systems 24/7, detecting potential threats, and fixing them before they cause trouble. Do not wait until such a loss happens to put measures in place.

Cybersecurity Solutions 

One of the biggest threats businesses face today is cybercrime. Small and medium businesses are preferable targets for criminals because they lack the staff and capacity for sophisticated technology to protect themselves. By partnering with EB Solution, you will be enjoying advanced cybersecurity protection at a cost you can afford. Our team proactively looks for any loopholes in your IT systems and seals them before disaster strikes.

We also offer “Dark Web” monitoring services to detect if your credentials or other sensitive data have been compromised. This goes a long way in enhancing your security by stopping hackers from selling your private data.
Additionally, we enhance your team’s security awareness through phishing attack simulation thus reduce the risk of security breaches when they encounter a real phishing attempt.

Enjoy the Best IT Services in Vancouver

At EB Solution, we have the best experience, expertise, and resources to handle all your IT needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cybersecurity, implement a data recovery strategy, fortify your network infrastructure, or save on telephone costs, we’ve got you covered.

Have any questions? Schedule a quick call with us and get all of them answered! Or just leave us a message on a Contact Us page.

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