The Best IT Services in Montreal

Looking for the best IT services in Montreal? Great! EB Solution has got you covered. We are a team of technology professionals with immense expertise and experience in helping businesses overcome their IT-related issues and streamline processes and operations. We offer a wide range of affordable managed IT solutions, including network services, password management, business continuity, cybersecurity services, and business telephones.

Please read on for an in-depth understanding of these IT services and how you can leverage them to grow your business.

IT Services In Montreal

Business Continuity

While it’s not uncommon to experience a few technicalities in running a business, it’s your preparation and response to those challenges that count. As a business dependent on IT systems and devices, you may face downtime, power outage, or internet shutdown. Usually, these issues cause disruptions that may lead to revenue losses.

Fortunately, we’re here to guarantee your smooth continuous operation regardless of what the future holds. We act proactively by monitoring your systems 24/7, detecting potential threats, and fixing them before they cause trouble. Our data backup services also ensure that your critical information is safe and easily retrievable when needed.

Business Telephones

Communication is an integral part of any business as it connects external and internal stakeholders, enhancing decision-making, collaboration, resource allocation, and customer experience. As such, business telephone systems should be overly reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. Unfortunately, that’s a feat you cannot realize with the traditional phone systems as they require costly regular maintenance.

However, you can jump ship to the innovative VoIP business telephone services to enjoy a cost-effective and efficient communication platform that’s not restricted by borders. With the hosted business telephone solution, you get a unified communication bundle that includes instant messaging, video/audio conferencing, desktop sharing, multi-platform sharing, hosted fax services, call recording, etc.


Did you know that there’s a cyberattack for every 39 seconds that pass? That’s just how cybercriminals have become more notorious lately, and unless businesses take proactive actions, we’re afraid the situation will only worsen.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be part of the statistic as we can help. Our cybersecurity experts have overflowing experience protecting business systems and data against infiltration or theft by unauthorized individuals. We secure your data by using advanced threat protection tools like Next-Generation Firewalls that prevent malware and other threats. We also avoid data leakages, monitor the dark web, secure access, and create security awareness.

Password Management Services

Password attacks like phishing, man-in-the-middle, and credential stuffing have increased explosively in recent years, prompting the need for password management. We provide practical guidelines and best practices to help companies manage and store their passwords more securely.

We can also develop and implement an industry-specific password management strategy to protect your network and data against cybercriminals looking to compromise or steal your login credentials.

Network Services

Unlike the large companies and multinationals that can afford high-grade network hardware and hire network engineering gurus to monitor and maintain their systems, your SMB may not have the financial strength to take the same route. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

EB Solution IT services in Montreal offer quality network services at a fraction of the cost of running and maintaining an on-premise data centre. We can install, monitor, and maintain your network 24/7/365 to enhance proactive maintenance & issue prevention, cut operating costs, improve security, maximize performance, increase productivity, etc.

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