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Cybercrime has gone a notch higher in recent times, sparking widespread fear across the business world. What is even more surprising is that cybercriminals are targeting any business or organization, regardless of size, stature, or owner. It is more important than ever for all businesses to adopt reliable cyber security services to be on the safe side.

Cyber Security Services

How EB Solution Helps Keep Your Data Safe

Losing your data isn’t good for anyone. It can disrupt your business and eventually cause it to collapse. At the same time, it fuels an illegal economy for the criminals who see it as an easy way to exhort money. Or obtain money from the sale of your sensitive information. If the trend continues, cybercriminals may thrive and take over businesses and government entities altogether.

Fortunately, managed IT service providers, such as EB Solution, are on hand to help you secure your IT systems. And prevent crooks from getting away with anything. Here is EB Solution helps secure your data:

1. Advanced threat protection features

At EB Solution, we use advanced threat detection and protection features to keep your data away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. Remember criminals are getting smarter, and are employing any means to jail-break your systems. The recent HAFNIUM attacks on in-house Microsoft Exchange Email software is a clear testimony that crooks can stop at nothing to gain entry into data systems.

One advanced security feature we employ at EB Solution is the Next Generation Firewalls. Which provide real-time protection against emerging malware and threats. We also deploy intelligent and automated threat protection features at all network edges.

2. Secure access and data leak prevention

Rather than waiting for online thugs to crash into your IT systems, we identify potential loopholes and seal them before they can be exploited. One such loophole is compromised user accounts and passwords that occur when you provide users with inappropriate levels of access. For example, if some users don’t have to use multi-factor authentication, crooks could take advantage of them to break into your IT systems.

At EB Solution, we leave nothing to chance. We ensure every point of access is secured, instituting all available measures to prevent unauthorized entry. This means extending the same level of access across the board, to wireless LANs and Ethernet ports. Without additional costs to prevent data leaks.

3. Keeping an eye on the dark web

In the unfortunate event that cybercriminals manage to steal your sensitive information, such as the login details of your various accounts, we know where they may be hiding it. We keep an eye out on the dark web. Courtesy of our innovative Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring to track compromised credentials in real-time on the dark web.

Web ID Credential Monitoring will notify us immediately it detects the presence of compromised credentials, such as passwords, and usernames. We then spring into action immediately to secure the affected accounts. By deactivating or blocking them altogether or changing their login details. This would stop the thugs from selling the information, or using it themselves to hack into your systems.

4. Creating security awareness through phishing simulation

Cyber Security services will be more effective if all users are brought into the picture through security awareness training. Your employees may not know how a phishing attack takes place. So using a phishing simulation would go a long way to help them understand it.

It is also important to let them have the full picture of your company’s security position and the potential risks. Common risks include ransomware, phishing attacks, compromised credentials, and the use of malware, among others.

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“We work with EB Solution through a ticketing system, which provides an easy and straightforward way to address issues as they arise. Their engineers execute the tickets with speed and precision. We also call them whenever we have questions. Their team works towards making any process as simple as possible for us”

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Cyber Security Services & Management By EB Solution

The growing threat of cybercrime requires reliable cyber security services to protect your IT systems and your business from potential attacks. Contact us today for more details.

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