IT Services In Brampton, Ontario

As remote work continues to shape the business world in Canada, outsourcing of IT services has taken a new definition, with enormous benefits for companies. The IT outsourcing industry is growing. In 2020, it was valued at $520 billion, and this figure is expected to grow to $937.67 billion by 2027. One significant factor contributing to this growth is the rise in the number of cloud service providers. This tells you that many MSPs have come to the market, and they all promise to deliver quality and reliable services. However, when you are on a mission to find an IT service provider, you’ll realize that picking a reliable partner is not as easy as it sounds. This is why we are here to make your work easier and tell you why you should outsource your IT services in Brampton to EB Solution.

IT Services In Brampton

Reasons to Outsource Your Brampton Business IT Services?

You might have an IT department handling your current company’s technology needs without a problem. However, as your company grows, its IT needs will soon outpace the growth of the team. While it’s not one of the most horrible problems to have, you will often find yourself with a long to-do list. The team may try to handle everything in their capacity, but this will more likely than not stunt your company’s growth.

Think of how much time your employees spend on technical issues instead of focusing on their duties. Sometimes this happens because your internal IT team lacks the capacity or resources to resolve problems fast enough. As your employees’ productivity dwindles, so does your company’s revenue.

Additionally, it helps to realize that technology is fast changing, with new developments each year. It calls for expertise, money, and time to keep up with the latest advancements and train employees on the same.

There is also the cost factor that you must consider when choosing between having an internal IT team and outsourcing. Outsourcing saves your company money because you don’t have to pay additional employees. You also don’t have to buy new software and equipment with each technological advancement. Outsourcing your IT department also enhances productivity and allows for a smooth flow in service and product delivery to customers.

Why Choose EB Solution for Your IT Services in Brampton?

As mentioned before, choosing from among the companies that provide IT services in Brampton, Ontario, can be an overwhelming task. Finding a reliable service provider that meets your needs to the letter can be such a hassle. However, partnering with EB Solution can save you this trouble because we are here to change the narrative.

We are here to help your business scale the heights by providing a wide range of services that help eliminate common technical challenges. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Network Services 

Having network outages and suffering frequent downtimes can bring your business down faster than you think. When your customers can’t get services from you fast enough because your systems are down, they will look elsewhere. If they get a better deal, you can be sure they might never come back to you.

You want to prevent this from happening. By partnering with us at EB Solution, you can eliminate this hassle. We can handle all your network issues and challenges at a fraction of the cost. We will offer you:

  • Free evaluation: you can try our services for free before committing yourself financially.
  • Security and maintenance: we help you leverage modern technologies and cloud-based solutions to protect your business from cybercrime.
  • Complete engineering scope: when you partner with EB Solution, we will monitor, manage, and design your IT systems. We will offer tailor-made solutions and infrastructure to meet your business IT needs.
  • Business Intelligence: our teams go over and beyond to help you gain business growth. Through analytics and statistics, we gather valuable insights to help you make crucial business decisions.

Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Downtimes and natural disasters can be costly to a business. Without a proper backup strategy, it can be challenging for a company to get back on its feet after losing its data. This is why you need backup and business continuity services from EB Solution. Do not wait until such a loss happens to put us measures in place. Instead, partner with us for:

  • Ongoing monitoring of your systems to prevent any disasters within human control
  • Regular and consistent data backup to ensure everything is readily available when the need arises
  • Efficient data retrieval in the event of primary data loss: we can help you get your data back in a few seconds in an unfortunate event.
  • The best cloud-based technology and solutions that protect your business from cybersecurity attacks.

Cybersecurity Solutions 

One of the most significant threats facing businesses today is cybercrime. Small and medium businesses are criminal’s best targets because they lack the capacity for sophisticated technology to protect themselves. Thankfully, by partnering with us, you will be in a position to use advanced threat protection at a cost you can afford.

We also offer dark web monitoring to detect if your credentials and sensitive data have been compromised. This goes a long way in enhancing your security by stopping hackers from selling your private data.

We will also enhance your team’s security awareness and reduce the risk they face as the weakest link to cybercrime. Our team acts proactively to look for loopholes in your systems and seal them before disaster strikes.

Business Telephone Services

Our services include helping our clients switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business services. This way, they can enjoy an all-inclusive communication bundle at a lower cost than the traditional phone system. Services and capabilities of VoIP include:

  • Desktop sharing
  • Call forwarding
  • Instant messaging
  • Call recording
  • Hosted fax services
  • Audio or video conferencing
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Multi-platform access and mobility

Password Management Services

Passwords serve an excellent role in barring unauthorized access to your online accounts and services. However, hackers can wreak havoc once they get hold of them through various cyberattack methods. We also understand that sometimes passwords can be mishandled unknowingly.

This is why we offer password management services, whereby we implement specific best practices for end-users. Our guidelines help in the creation, storage, and management of passwords more securely and efficiently. We will also help you implement a password management plan that works to protect your passwords from log-in spoofing, brute-force attacks, sniffing attacks, and dictionary attacks.

EB Solution is Your Right Choice for IT Services

The best way to eliminate your IT challenges is to partner with a service provider with the skills, resources, and patience to walk with you in your entire business journey. The right IT partner will also enhance your cybersecurity, protect your infrastructure, and back up your internal IT team if you have one.

At EB Solution, you can trust us to do all this and more. We serve clients in many industries, including law firms, retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics, and accounting. Your search for a reputable and reliable IT service provider in Brampton ends now. Get in touch with us to schedule your initial consultation.

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