Top-Rated IT Services In Toronto

There are tons of managed IT service providers in the market who claim to be “The Best IT Services in Toronto” or  to deliver top-quality IT solutions. But do they live up to their words?

At EB Solution, we have more than 10 years of  experience providing client-focused IT services that help develop, maintain, and support all the technology needs of a business. We’ll help you get the edge over your competitors by enhancing your uptime, improving response times, upgrading your cyber security, providing access to the latest technologies and round-the-clock support.

IT Services In Toronto

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services (BCDR)

Business continuity is the organization’s capability to continue with core operations during and after a disaster. This could be due to network downtime, power outage, fire in the server room, etc. When such disruptions occur, businesses risk losing thousands of dollars in lost productive hours, customer dissatisfaction, and possible cyber incidents.

EB Solution can help you eliminate these disruptions and potential revenue loss by enhancing your business continuity through instantaneous data backup. But why wait till the worst happens? We’ll constantly monitor your systems, identify potential threats, and fix them before they paralyze your business operations.

“Finally, An IT Service Company In Toronto That Addresses Our Problems Quickly!”

“We chose EB Solution because they were smaller than our previous IT service provider. Because of the smaller size, I can talk to the same person most of the time. I find it very helpful to work with someone with who I have developed a relationship and who knows the issues we had in the past. This is probably a reason why they address our problems so quickly.”

Cybersecurity Services

Since the start of a pandemic, cybersecurity incidences have hit a record high, with SMBs being the most targeted group. Most common cyber threats facing businesses nowadays are: phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware, and business email compromise (BEP).

To keep your business protected from cybercriminals, we use the Next-Generation Firewalls that protect networks and IT systems against malware in real-time. We also implement various cybersecurity measures, like:

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Phishing attack simulation
  • Data leak prevention
  • Access control management

Network Services

EB Solution is the network service provider you can trust! We can help you design, document, install, monitor, and maintain your network infrastructure.

By partnering with us, you get FREE evaluation, access to all on-demand network engineering services, round-the-clock security and maintenance, and evidence-backed business intelligence to help you make informed decisions. Oh, and did we mention that our network services aren’t restricted by location? We can link all your branches across Canada hassle-free.

Business Telephone Services (VoIP)

Effectiveness of business communication is directly correlated with improvements in productivity and customer experience. And we’re here to optimize that through our cost-effective and reliable business telephone services.

If you haven’t switched from the traditional telephony systems, you’re missing out on a lot. We’re talking about saving on telephony costs (up to 90%), enjoying flexibility and mobility of the system, instant messaging, multi-platform access, desktop sharing, audio/video conferencing, etc.

Password Management

Did you know that password compromise is the #1 cause of unauthorized access to IT environments? What’s even scarier is that cyber criminals got very sophisticated in it, in the last couple years.

Thankfully, you can leverage best password management practices to reduce or even eliminate risks of having your passwords stolen. It involves implementing specific practices and principles of storing and managing passwords throughout the company and using password management solutions. These solutions can provide secure storage and backup for your passwords, syncing log-in details across multiple platforms. Partnering with a skilled IT security provider like EB Solution is the best way to develop and implement a solid password management strategy.

Enjoy the Best IT Services in Toronto

Our dedicated team of IT experts is here to help you unlock all the opportunities provided by information technology. Partnering wit us you save on costs, get protected against cyber threats, and minimize your staff’s IT-related issues. Our services span across multiple industries, including accounting, professional services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation & logistics.

Don’t worry if your industry isn’t included on the list; you can still reach out to us, and we’ll develop customized solutions to meet your business-specific needs. Schedule a quick 10-15 minute chat with EB Solution experts. Or leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

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