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An Overview of the New Fortinet Security Solutions

Fortinet recently made two key announcements across various sections of the security portfolio.

The multinational cybersecurity provider unveiled an advanced FortiTrust security service offering a new user-based licensing structure for FortiGuard and FortiCare service offerings. Also, the company introduced FortiGate 3500F, the Next Generation Firewall that delivers enhanced zero-trust network access features.

So what do these offerings entail, and how do they benefit your organization? This comprehensive piece has all the facts regarding the new Fortinet security solutions.

FortiGate Firewalls By Fortinet

The FortiGate 1800F NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) runs on NP7, the organization’s seventh-generation network processor. It enables today’s established corporate bodies to achieve the ultimate internal segmentation alongside unprecedented performance, scale, enforcement, and detection capabilities.

FortiGate’s Security Compute Rating ranges from three to 20 times faster than competing products. This allows users to deploy it as an internal segmentation firewall to enhance their security posture effectively.

Flat Networks Are No Longer Viable

Digital innovation continues to disrupt enterprise organizations, delivering new business opportunities and services while increasing risk across sectors. The explosive adoption of mobile devices and IoT, alongside multiple cloud services and applications, push the attack surface beyond conventional network boundaries. The fragmented and expanding attack surface prevents security leaders from maintaining network security, availability, reliability, and performance.

Most of today’s data centers have architectures founded on high-performance switching and routing systems without security integrations. In such environments, networks are increasingly more open and flatter to achieve agility and flexibility. Therefore, internal network security implementation is mostly basic and limited to Layer 4 access lists and Virtual LANs.

So if a security breach occurs beyond the security perimeter, threat actors can freely navigate and access data, resources, and credentials. Furthermore, inadequate security infrastructure in internal networks limits your visibility into suspicious data flows and traffic behaviours, hindering breach detection.

Consequently, most use internal segmentation to improve security and visibility and regain control over escalating networks.

Internal Segmentation Involves Outstanding Performance

Organizations that try to segment their network face a new challenge: security performance. Enterprises nowadays experience unprecedented performance demands that usually don’t match existing security solutions.

Most companies use traditional appliances with off-the-shelf hardware and CPUs to process security traffic. But these have turned out to be bottlenecks that lead to degraded application and user experience. In short, contemporary security performance can’t enable and secure enterprises in the current business innovation.

Fortinet has introduced the FortiGate 1800F to address the extraordinary data center security demands and facilitate a security-driven Networking approach.

Application and Benefits of FortiGate 1800F

This next-generation firewall is designed for established entities to securely and quickly achieve digital innovation through its capabilities to meet the massive performance and capacity demands of critical operations like:

  • Accelerated cloud on-ramp – Companies that adopt multiple clouds for SaaS and IaaS services require high-performing IPsec encryption for accelerated cloud on-ramp. The advanced firewall delivers the topmost Security Compute Rating (14 times) for IPsec encryption, delivering the required availability, speed and scale for cloud on-ramping.
  • Internal security risk management – Most firewalls aren’t fast enough for internal segmentation. FortiGate 1800F offers advanced protection performance and several high-speed 40G interfaces for proper segmentation of networks and internal security risk management. Furthermore, it intelligently adapts to segmented applications, devices and users on any location and automated cyber threat detection and enforcement.
  • Removed blind spots – About 60 percent of encrypted traffic contains malware, so SSL inspection performance is critical for proper networks security. FortiGate delivers the highest performance with a 20-times Security Compute Rating and supports the latest TLS 1.3 standard. These enable complete visibility into encrypted and clear-text network flows to eliminate network blind spots.


The digital attack surface expands constantly and offers billions of edges that require protection. Consequently, organizations struggle to support disparate services and various point security solutions. Services and solution sprawl has become too expensive and difficult to manage when siloed across form factors. As such, organizations adopt solutions with integrated offerings.

The introduction of FortiTrust has redefined services. This unified offering comes with a user-based licensing approach that delivers flexible consumption across clouds, endpoints, and networks. In addition, it expands upon leading security services encompassing FortiCare, AI-centered Security Services suite, and FortiGuard, a complete set of advanced support offerings.

This new service is ideal for users with specific use cases and profiles, who find it cheaper and simpler to acquire user-based licensing of support and security services.

How FortiTrust Redefines the Future of Security Services

FortiTrust’s security services follow users across a company’s entire security platform, making it easy to secure and manage organizations across form factors. The new offering also has the following benefits:

  • Simplified migration and upgrade options
  • More straightforward security service implementation, allowing users to transit across form factors. This enables transition between cloud-delivered and on-premise security for organizations with hybrid infrastructures.
  • Integrated security services’ single license offers desired use cases throughout the security fabric.
  • Flexibility in security user-based licensing eliminates the need to track bandwidth consumption and device counts, simplifying the calculation of total costs through built-in volume discounts.

FortiTrust Identity and FortiTrust Access 

FortiTrust’s services portfolio comprises FortiTrust Identity and FortiTrust Access.

FortiTrust Access

This offering enables the deployment of zero-trust network access through user-based licensing. The zero-trust model helps maintain consistent control, visibility, and protection across modern, highly distributed and hybrid networks. It also allows you to extend secure access controls for users.

FortiTrust Access provides zero trust services like the agent and cloud orchestration that further build on the company’s zero-trust solutions that identify and categorize devices and users that wish to access an application or network.

FortiTrust Identity

This service level provides multi-factor authentication (cloud-based) for identity verification. In addition, it complements its counterpart by offering the required multi-factor authentication for application access control.

Fortinet Support For Businesses In Toronto

Fortinet is focused on achieving a trusted digital world through its mission to secure data, devices, applications, and users everywhere. That’s why leading service providers, government agencies, and enterprises rely on Fortinet’s security solutions for a securely accelerated digital journey. The security fabric platform offers automated, integrated, and broad protections throughout your digital attack surface.

Fortinet solutions are available through partners, but only a few of these can match EB Solution’s reputation of helping organizations get the most from the numerous security capabilities. As your trusted information technology advocate, we’ll help you accelerate your digital journey securely.

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