Trusted IT Services For Transportation and Logistics

Your clients expect you to move their products from one point to another, with a fast, reliable, and convenient service. While they want the lowest prices, they still expect you to conform to their requirements for shipment tracking as well as documentation. This means that your transportation and logistics company often faces changes, preventing you from instituting a long-term plan for profitability. But you can still increase your profitability, and tackle such challenges through reliable IT services for transportation and logistics.

You will need to partner with an experienced as well as professionally managed IT service provider for these services. And this is where EB Solution comes into the picture.

At EB Solution, we offer the following managed IT services for transportation and logistics:

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Managed IT Services For Modern Transportation & Logistics Organizations

Building reliable IT networks

The many challenges facing transportation and logistics companies mean that their profitability is at risk. Unless specific measures are put in place to improve operations and processes. Customers want efficient services, seen in quick delivery times, shipping tracking, as well as proper documentation. And, of course, they expect you to charge them competitively for the services.

We help in the acquisition of the best hardware and software systems. Which would be efficient for the sharing of information as well as ensuring that all processes are as they should be. Setting up network infrastructure requires experts. But you won’t need to employ them: we will do the job for you.

Implementation of customer EDI systems

You need efficient communication systems to link you with your clients and transporters. Since you are looking for the most cost-effective way to manage these communications, EB Solution uses an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. To cut down on the personnel you would require managing communication systems.

EDI transfers information from one computer system to the other. Without the need for human intervention. This is very useful in giving out alerts on the progress of the shipping process.

Enable new technologies

We also help you to move your transportation and logistics company to new heights through the implementation of new technologies. One such technology we can install for you is the RFID. Which enables you to track the movement of products as well as vehicles in transit in real-time. It reduces the hassle of back and forth communication between you and your clients, and your transporters. It enables everyone to know the location of the products along the way.

Data protection, storage, and backup

With so many threats facing your data, you would need to engage in reliable, tried, and tested ways to keep it safe and accessible should a disaster strike. The biggest threat to your small and medium-sized business is cybercrime. You are no longer safe because criminals are now targeting any business they come across.

Engage our cloud-based data protection and storage services. To keep your data and process away from the reach of cyber thugs. Storing your data on the cloud also means that you can retrieve it easily from anywhere. And on any platform whenever the need arises.

Mobile device and satellite management

One major component of IT services for transportation and logistics is mobile device and satellite management. These systems help track your shipping, giving the peace of mind to concentrate on other equally important activities. We automate it in such a way that you and your clients receive regular updates on the progress of the shipment.

Transportation & Logistics IT Services

We can help your company improve on processes and service delivery through our innovative IT services for transportation and logistics. If you are looking for a reliable managed IT service company to improve your performance in the transport and logistics sector, please contact us today.

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