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Are you a Vaughan business presently on the market for a top-rated IT support company? If the answer is YES, you clicked on the right page! With the market flooded with countless managed support providers (MSPs), it can be pretty hassling to find a reliable firm that can guarantee to serve your business-specific needs to satisfaction.

But we’re here to change the narrative! EB Solution is a client-focused IT services firm that takes pride in helping businesses realize their growth goals through technology while eliminating common technical challenges. Our on-demand services span from network support, business continuity, cybersecurity, business telephony to password management.

Keep scrolling for a detailed review of these services and an understanding of how they can help transform your business.

Services On-Demand by an IT Support Company in Vaughan

1. Network Services

Admit it; suffering network outages or downtime is one of the most frustrating experiences you can ever endure as a business. The good news is that you can eliminate that hassle by partnering with a reliable network services provider like EB Solution, who can comfortably handle all your network needs and issues at a fraction of the cost.

And to prove that our IT support company in Vaughan is different from others who are full of promises with little actions, here’s what you gain from trusting us to handle your network services:

Free evaluation

You read that right! You’re always welcome to try our network services for free before deciding to put out your money. And NO, the free evaluation doesn’t mean below-par services. Our self-motivated team can lay the systems in minutes to give you a sneak peek of what to expect before deciding to go for the all-inclusive network services.

Security and maintenance

Cybercrime is the no.1 threat to the world’s economy, and it’s paramount for small and mid-size businesses to bolster their security posture. We can help you realize this feat by leveraging modern technologies and cloud-based IT solutions to protect your IT systems. These include two-factor authentication, risk mitigation, user-based access control, PCI compliance, and more.

Complete engineering scope

Partnering with us means enjoying access to all network engineering services, including but not limited to monitoring, management, and design. What’s more, we can also customize our network services and infrastructure to meet your business-specific needs, ensuring that you’re not left out.

Business intelligence

If you thought that we draw the line at the installation and maintenance of your network infrastructure, the joke’s on you because we go over and beyond. Our highly qualified team can also help you achieve growth and success by gathering business intelligence through analytics and statistics. This provides you with valuable business insights for making critical decisions.

2. Business Continuity & Data Backup Services

Suppose your business suffered a disaster leading to downtime such as a power outage, a devastating fire/explosion, server crashes, etc. Would you be able to retrieve your data and carry on with operations as usual? If the answer is NO, that’s a sign you need business continuity and data backup services from a top-rated IT support company in Vaughan.

Downtimes are usually very costly and can lead to you losing up to $140 for every hour that passes without mitigation. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until the risk happens and endure the losses resulting from business disruption. EB Solution can ensure continuity for your business by implementing the following strategies:

24/7 systems monitoring

We ensure your business doesn’t suffer any disaster within human control by engaging in round-the-clock IT systems monitoring. We also ward off cyber criminals by installing premium firewalls to protect your sensitive data.

Frequent data backup

Our data backup systems automatically back up your data every five minutes to ensure that it’s readily available for retrieval.

Quick data retrieval

Imagine being able to retrieve your data in as few as six seconds after a misfortune like a downtime occurs. This ensures that you lose no clients to the competition, thanks to continuous business operations and efficiency.

The best technologies

We leverage the latest cloud-based technologies and cybersecurity solutions to secure your data and make it effortlessly retrievable when needed.

3. Cybersecurity Services

As we alluded to earlier, cybercrime is the greatest threat to the world’s economy, with small and mid-size businesses being the most targeted by cybercriminals. It’s critical for Vaughan businesses to adopt cybersecurity services to prevent financial losses or reputational damage that they may suffer from cyberattacks.

Thankfully, partnering with a reliable MSP like EB Solution guarantees that your sensitive data is securely protected and ill-intended criminals don’t get away with anything. We achieve this feat through:

Advanced threat protection

We leverage the most advanced threat protection tools such as Next-Generation Firewalls to provide real-time protection against common cyberthreats like Malware. But that’s not all; we also deploy automated threat protection features across all network edges to optimize security.

Dark web monitoring

We use the most advanced dark web monitoring tool called Dark Web ID Credential Monitoring that alerts us immediately it detects compromised credentials like username and password. The idea is to stop cybercriminals from selling your sensitive information or using it to hack into your systems.

Enhancing security awareness

It’s critical to help your employees understand the significance of cybersecurity since they’re the weakest link between cybercriminals and company data. Cybersecurity awareness training (SAT) through phishing simulation helps your employees have a clear view of your security position regarding potential threats and what’s needed to overcome or prevent them.

Securing access and preventing data leaks

Our experts usually act proactively to look for any loopholes in your IT infrastructure and seal them before a risk occurs. We also ensure that every endpoint device is secured, allowing only authorized access.

4. Business Telephone Services

If your business still uses the traditional phone system, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to save massively on costs while enjoying more efficient means of communication. Imagine this; with conventional telephony, you need to acquire, install, and regularly maintain software and hardware, which are pretty costly in the long run.

However, if you switch to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP business telephone services, you can enjoy an all-inclusive communication bundle at a fraction of the cost. Below are some top services and capabilities of VoIP telephony:

  • Call recording
  • Desktop sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Audio/video conferencing
  • Multi-platform access and mobility
  • Hosted fax services
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call forwarding

5. Password Management Services

Passwords are an excellent way of barring unauthorized access to your web accounts and services. However, they may still pose a significant security threat when mishandled. That’s where password management comes into play.

Password management is implementing specific best practices and principles for end-users to follow to store and manage their passwords more securely and effectively. Our team can help you implement an actionable password management strategy to shield your login credentials from falling into the wrong hands. Some standard password threats that we can help prevent include:

  • Log-in spoofing – a technique where hackers present unsuspecting users with normal-looking login prompts for password and username to access their passwords illegally.
  • Brute force attacks – where hackers use automated tools to collect sensitive user data.
  • Sniffing attack. Where hackers use advanced software like keyloggers to access your network and steal your passwords.
  • Dictionary attack. The act of hackers plugging common phrases into the password section using multiple software.

EB Solution is Your No.1 IT Support Company in Vaughan!

Partnering with an experienced managed services provider is the key to eliminating common IT challenges, enhancing cybersecurity, and using technology as an asset for growth. At EB Solution, we’re equal to the task of ensuring business continuity, protecting your network infrastructure, enhancing cybersecurity, providing VoIP telephony, and managing your passwords.

Even better, our experts can create a customized solution to match your business-specific needs that our usual services may not cover. Lest we forget, we serve a wide range of industries, including but not limited to accounting, cannabis, law firms, manufacturing, retail, and transport & logistics.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our experts today for top-quality and reliable IT services.

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