Did you get an email invitation to test out the new beta version of your favorite app? Do you feel tempted to try it out? Hoping to experience the latest features before everyone else? Well, think twice before hitting that download button because that app is most likely fake. Fake beta apps created by cybercriminals have become such a big issue that even the FBI issued a warning about them.

The Risk of Fake Beta Apps

Cybercriminals have come up with a sneaky new trick. They hide harmful code inside fake beta versions of popular apps. These fake beta apps often go undetected because they prey on our curiosity and desire for the latest and greatest. They look convincing, they feel like real apps, and even sound exactly the same! But don’t let them fool you, it’s actually malware, malicious code, hidden inside the app.

How do those criminals trick people into downloading fake apps? Easy, they often pretend to be app developers in phony emails, offering early access to new beta releases.

So, while the allure of beta versions may be strong, remember that these unofficial releases bypass the rigorous security checks enforced on apps available in official app stores. Once you install these fake apps, they can cause all sorts of trouble—compromising your data, invading your financial apps, and even taking control of your mobile device.

It’s like opening your front door to a stranger, hoping they have a present for you – a risky gamble that can have dire consequences.

Your Whole Business is at Risk

If your employees download these fake apps on company devices, your entire business could be in danger. Here are just a couple of examples:

The lesson here is simple: patience is your friend. Wait until beta versions are stable and officially available on app stores. Don’t sacrifice security for the sake of trying something new.

If you’ve downloaded beta versions in the past and worried that they might have malware hidden inside, watch out for signs like fast battery drain, slow performance, annoying pop-up ads, and apps asking for too many permissions.

In this digital age, we need to be as smart as the technology we use. Before you download an app, take a moment to think: is it worth the risk?

Protecting Your Business

As you’ve seen from our examples, a business owner or a couple of managers being cautious is not enough – your whole team, every single employee, needs to be cautious too. Having regular cybersecurity awareness training can help you minimize the “human factor” of cybersecurity.

If you want to protect your business from cybercriminals and don’t know where to start schedule a free call with our cybersecurity experts.

At EB Solution, we specialize in keeping businesses safe and secure, not only from criminals but also from power outages, natural disasters, and employee mishaps. Get in touch today, and let’s keep all your devices protected.

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