Co-Managed IT Services for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Today’s business world is mainly tech-dependent, and virtually every organization needs IT resources and expertise to remain competitive. Some large companies can afford to have an internal IT department while many others resort to partnering with managed service providers (MSPs) by outsourcing part or all their IT needs, reducing or eliminating the need to hire in-house IT experts in a full-time salary.

But here’s the catch; finding an MSP that agrees to cover only part of your IT needs isn’t easy, as most of the firms only offer an all-or-nothing partnering deal. That means you either accept to outsource your entire IT function to the MSP or there is no deal. But what if your Toronto business already has a standalone IT department, and you only need extra outside support?

That’s where co-managed IT services come into play! Let’s answer 3 main questions:

  • What are co-managed IT services?
  • What are the signs your business needs co-managed IT services?
  • How can co-managed IT services support your existing IT department?

What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT service is a management arrangement that allows organizations to outsource a section of their IT functions to a third-party while retaining the rest in-house. The goal is to optimize operational efficiency by tapping into the manpower, additional resources, and expertise offered by the co-managed IT service provider.

Please note, however, that the co-managed service provider isn’t a rival to your IT staff. On the contrary, we only aim to make their job more hassle-free by bringing in more skills and resources. It’s up to the leadership to determine to what extent the external team should stretch. For instance, they can determine that the in-house team should deal with day-to-day tasks while the co-managed team handles tech issues that require next-level support. Or they can leave mundane everyday tasks like monitoring network stability and updating software to the external team while internal team focuses on upgrading and optimizing existing IT infrastructure.

What are the Signs Your IT Department Needs Co-Managed IT Services?

Not every organization needs co-managed IT services. But if the following scenarios apply to your IT department, you should consider seeking external support from a qualified vendor:

Your IT Department is Understaffed or Overworked

If you experience a spike in demand, take on new projects, or lose critical employees to competitors, your business may become understaffed or overworked. This may take a toll on operational efficiency and productivity, with IT issues piling up and no one to fix them. Thankfully, a co-managed IT service provider can fill this gap to supplement your existing staff with the much-needed expertise and resources. Thus, you don’t have to spend or waste time and resources hiring and onboarding new full-time IT staff.

Your IT Spending is Exorbitant

Despite technology being a critical part of modern business, it doesn’t mean you should spend unimaginable costs running and maintaining your IT departments. Let’s face it; keeping a full-time IT department isn’t quite cost-efficient, as you must pay your staff reasonable monthly salaries plus other benefits for vacation, sick leave, retirement, etc. Good news: you can do away with a massive chunk of such spending by partnering with a co-managed IT services provider. It’s comparatively affordable, as you no longer have to take care of costs like software, rent, training, onboarding, etc.

Your In-House Team Lacks the Expertise to Handle Your Upcoming Project

It’s a no-brainer; if you plan to take on a new project that your in-house team has zero experience or expertise about, the best cause of action is to seek external help. Don’t you agree? For instance, if it’s a project that requires stringent cybersecurity compliance, it’s only wise to look for a co-managed service provider with relevant knowledge regarding the applicable regulations. Besides, depending on your contract, this could be the best chance for the MSP to train your in-house team accordingly so they can handle similar projects in the future.

How can Co-Managed IT Services Support Your In-House IT Departments?

Earlier, we mentioned that co-managed IT service providers have only one goal; making your in-house team’s work easier by adding their expertise and resources. Curious to learn how they do that?

Minimizing Downtime

With co-managed IT services focusing more on your network issues, you can rest assured that your IT infrastructure is optimized and runs without any errors. Meanwhile, your in-house team has more time to handle day-to-day tasks like addressing customer concerns. But that’s not all; you’ll also enjoy cost-saving benefits, thanks to the reduction of downtime and reduced hardware repair and replacement needs.

Fulfilling Compliance and Regulation Requirements

Fulfilling compliance and regulation requirements are not only time-consuming but also requires expertise. Unfortunately, not all in-house teams are well-equipped to meet the ever-changing demands and regulations. Plus, if they spend their entire time racing to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements, other IT functions may go unattended. Luckily, a co-managed IT services provider can come to your IT team’s rescue by providing professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing industry standards.

Providing Continuous Support

The best part about working with a co-managed service providers is that someone is always available to provide hands-on support – even after hours. Depending on your original agreement, you may have the co-managed team monitoring your network 24/7, so your critical systems are secure and optimal throughout.

Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

At times, the in-house team may become overwhelmed with responsibilities and even get forced to handle tasks outside their expertise. Instead, you can turn to a co-managed team to support your in-house experts by handling advanced-level issues more effectively and quickly, releasing your staff to focus on their areas of specialty.

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