Almost five years in since the pandemic and most companies and their employees have adapted to either the remote or hybrid work set-up. In a survey, more than half of employees prefer to be in a hybrid set-up whereas about a quarter would prefer going fully remote. Given the flexibility these allow the employees, business owners are willing to adapt if this means they can keep their people on board. As such, chances are these set-up is not going away anytime soon. However, cyber security services and best practices must applied to ensure data safety.

Many Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), however, still  do not have the adequate cyber resilience system to meet minimum requirements. In the recent Global Cybersecurity Outlook by the World Economic Forum, the gap between large corporations and SMBs in this aspect has become wider. With this, cyber crime cost is expected to rise by up to 15% per year, reaching more than $10 Trillion by 2025.

Of course, no one wants to be part of these negative statistics. But, the remote and hybrid work set-ups are the ones who are most at risk when it comes to cyber crime. In order to survive a possible cyber security attack, cyber security services and best practices should be in place in order to have an optimum level of cyber resilience for your business.

Stop Worrying and Start Applying Cyber Security Services and Best Practices

Cyber criminals have always exploited moments of panic and change to carry out their dark objectives. This has steadily increased over the years with the proliferation of phishing scams, ransomware, DDoS attacks and so much more. Recently, new tools such as Generative AI and bots (initially made to lighten up work load) have been used maliciously to push forward the agenda of these threat actors. Aside from data and financial losses, these attacks have also decreased productivity and increased downtime in businesses. And as we all know, time is also money. Although worrying, there is no other way to go about this than to face the challenge head-on.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

If you struggle in understanding, much less using, cyber security services to combat these crooks, hiring IT professionals is a very good option.  They can protect your business and get ahead of the cyber criminals. Here are some of the tricks that can be used for your business:

Cloud security

This is a multi-layer approach of securing cloud computing. This involves identifying threats, protection, management of threats and actions during an attack and securing back-up data recovery.


Virtual Private Networks or VPNs allow secure network access for remote workers. This masks your network’s IP address and disguises your online activities from possible onlookers. Thereby making it difficult to track. It also encrypts data, which means even if someone gets hold of the data in your system, they acquire a series of characters instead of words and therefore would not make sense. These are one of the cyber security services you can request from your reliable IT solutions provider.


This system assumes every device or connection is a threat, until proven otherwise. It includes the use or combined use of password management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFAs), among others.

Trainings and adaptation of best practices with cyber security services

Education of your staff is also a vital part of cybersecurity. Allowing them to know what to watch out for when using their emails is the first line of defense against threat. Making sure they know how to follow policies and procedures in order to keep your network safe is crucial. This should be emphasized knowing that most cybersecurity breaches start from human

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We can also help you choose the right security tools for your business. You don’t have to do much, even doing basics like installing password managers and signing your employees up for cybersecurity awareness training will make you a harder target for cyber criminals. With password managers, your employees will be able to generate long secure passwords and auto fill them in all the tools and websites they need for work. And with proper awareness training your employees will become your first line of IT defense because emails are the second biggest source of security breaches.

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