Do you trust your employees with confirmation data? Did you say, yes? More than a third of small and medium-sized business leaders did not. But it is understandable. While some of them are just generally more cautious, the majority have had bad experiences: from clumsy employees losing important documents to malicious actors leaking trade secrets. Regardless of the reason, it is evident that trust alone is not enough when it comes to data protection. Here is where cybersecurity training for employees come in.

We believe, however, that employees are not at fault here. The problem is the lack of good training and security measures.

What can you do about it? Try a time-tested one-two combo – educate your staff on best practices and give them tools to protect themselves.

Step 1 – Training

Booking awareness training for everyone is an easy first step. Provide your employees with the knowledge, techniques, and guidelines needed to spot potential threats and take appropriate actions.

Think of it this way: employees are the weakest link in any cybersecurity system, cybersecurity training for employees create a well-trained staff is a good way to lower the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks. Turn your potential threats into your first line of defense.

Step 2 – Cybersecurity Software

Most small and medium-sized businesses admit to using built-in antivirus software as their only line of cyber defenses. It is better than having nothing, but it is far from adequate security. 

With ransomware gangs holding their cyber victims’ computers to ransoms of millions of dollars, investing in better cybersecurity is a small price to pay. Nowadays even businesses with modest IT budgets can afford password-management software, multi-level access controls, and VPNs for remote employees.

Here at EB Solution, we’ve been helping businesses protect their data for more than a decade. We’ve worked with big and small companies, from small law firms to huge manufacturing plants. So, schedule a free call with our experts about our cybersecurity training for employees and to learn more what EB Solution can do for you.

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