Remember that sinking feeling when you realize you left your work phone on a coffee shop table? Your heart races as you contemplate the sensitive information stored on it. In an era where mobile devices are integral to our lives, the security of these devices can’t be overstated.

But what if there was a solution that could put your worries to rest?

Microsoft and Samsung, two tech giants joining forces to revolutionize work phone security. Their groundbreaking collaboration and the introduction of on-device attestation, a completely new mobile security measure that may have redefined work phone security as we know it.

Understanding the Need for Mobile Security

Mobile phones have evolved beyond mere communication tools. They serve as entertainment centers, news aggregators, remote workbenches, and vaults of sensitive information. With advancements in mobile technology, remote work culture, and BYOD (Bring your own device) policies becoming the norm, the need to safeguard mobile devices has never been greater.

Introducing the Collaboration

At the heart of this partnership lies a “mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution”. It can help ensure the device’s identity and health, verifying that it has not been compromised.

Microsoft and Samsung, titans in the tech industry, have recognized this growing need for heightened security and have pooled their expertise to address this challenge.

As work habits evolve and people are working from virtually anywhere on any device, we are paving the way for the future of enterprise device security and democratizing the means for businesses to better protect their information.said KC Choi, EVP and Head of Global Mobile B2B Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s industry-leading hardware and software solutions, coupled with the power of the Microsoft Cloud and Intune, uniquely position us to empower defenders with end-to-end capabilities to help stop sophisticated bad actors and improve Zero Trust security posture, said Michael Wallent, CVP Microsoft Security – Management.

How Does It Work?

On-device attestation operates by examining the core components of your mobile device, ensuring that they remain uncompromised. Unlike other security tools that rely on network connections and cloud services, this solution works seamlessly even without a network connection.

This became possible due to integration with Microsoft Intune.

What is it? It is a unified endpoint management service.

In simple terms, Microsoft Intune is a digital security and management tool that helps employers take care of work devices and the information on them. It makes sure everything is safe, up to date, and working smoothly, so businesses can focus on doing their job without worrying about the technical details.

What does it mean for you or your business?

Traditional device attestation mainly works on managed devices as it is server-based and requires network connectivity, meaning the entire device has to be enrolled into the corporate system.

With mobile hardware-backed attestation (the one we are talking about), businesses can verify a device’s integrity and allow access to the corporate system whether it is managed or unmanaged. The user experience is also streamlined to enable employees to bring their personal devices to work and safely access the corporate system without extra security steps.

So, what this means is:

For businesses, this is an extra layer of protection against compromised devices gaining access to sensitive corporate data. Companies can now enable employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work with the confidence that they are protected with the same level of security as company-owned devices.

For employees, this means added flexibility for their personal Samsung devices to safely access their work environment.


In an age where our work and personal lives seamlessly converge on our mobile devices, safeguarding our sensitive information is more critical than ever. Microsoft and Samsung’s revolutionary partnership has redefined mobile security, ensuring your peace of mind.

Ready to fortify your mobile security and protect what matters most?

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