Research says that over 90 percent of cyber security attacks starts with an email. Despite this however, almost all businesses still need to use email to communicate. Suppliers, staff and clients are connected to the business by email. That is why a Fortinet Support Company in Toronto recommends vigilance when it comes to emails being accessed.

Emails are Power Tools, Fortinet Support in Toronto Warns

This means of communication has been available for over 50 years. Despite this, the era of emails does not seem to show signs of ending anytime soon. In fact, over the years, people and businesses have become more dependent on emails. Aside from communications, emails are now heavily linked to personal details, finances, work and even business operations.

Gaining access to an email can allow a cybercriminal to look into their personal and business correspondence. They would also gain access to their social media and business platform and even spoof other victims to provide information they want. Because of this, having your email compromised will have a domino effect on all other networks and systems that it links to. Cybersecurity experts at Fortinet Support in Toronto emphasizes on taking email security seriously.

Fortinet Support in Toronto

Fortinet Support in Toronto

Professionals at Fortinet Support in Toronto Shares Email Security Measures to Apply

Although the threat is overwhelming, there are things you can do to keep yourself and your business from falling into the email trap. Here are some recommendations from the professionals at Fortinet support in Toronto.


First and foremost, use only a secure email service provider.

Choose one with little to no record of security breach. Secure email service providers would have an excellent encryption system. This is when they change the text into numbers and characters that are indecipherable, should the email be sent to someone other than the intended recipient.


Second, create a strong password.

Fortinet support in Toronto recommends combining numbers, letters and special characters into the password. You can use a reliable password generator application if you want to take this a notch higher. These apps usually come with system save so that you don’t have to memorize the very long passwords they give.


Next, make use of multi-factor authentication of MFAs.

Most reliable email service provider does this automatically. In fact, other email service providers would require this to keep your emails with them. This will require anyone who logs in to get a security key from another device to access the email.


Lastly, educate yourself and your team.

Threat actors feed on the emotions of the human component to entice them to click on their links that opens the way for hackers to get into the email and the system, in general. Know the red flags in emails that may indicate that it is carrying a malware or phishing trap.

Fortinet Support in Toronto

Fortinet Support in Toronto

Fortinet Support in Toronto Can Assist

This may seem a lot to take in, especially for something as seemingly innocent as an email. However, the threat is real and must not be taken lightly. Businesses have failed and filed for bankruptcy as a result of these cyber security attacks. Having a strong cyber resiliency posture is very important for businesses and their owners and executives. Aside from email security, other measures must be undertaken to keep your business safe. Similarly, there should be business continuity protocols in place.

Your reliable and trusted professionals at Fortinet Support in Toronto have the solutions you need. They can customize your cybersecurity protocols depending on your company’s needs. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible to get this started.

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