Average Hourly Rate for IT Services in Toronto

What is the average hourly rate for IT services in Toronto? This is a crucial question you must ask yourself when hiring IT support on an hourly basis. The answers you receive will vary, from confusing to outright intimidating. Unfortunately, there isn’t an online catalog where you can refer to or pick from, assuring you that you will get value for your money.

However, according to data published on Indeed, the average salary for a technical support specialist is $23.18 per hour. This is the cost of hiring a service provider who works single-handedly, only offers specific services, and mainly relies on your company resources to deliver services. They may not be skilled or experienced enough to cover all your business IT needs. What this means is that you might find yourself hiring several technicians to provide different services. Doing so is not only time-consuming but also costly for your business.

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Factors Affecting Hourly Rate for IT Services in Toronto

Several factors come into play when service providers determine their hourly rates for IT support services.

  • Experience: Typically, the more experienced a service provider is, the higher their hourly rate will be. If they have worked in the industry for many years and provided service to many companies, it means that their solutions are tested, tried, and reliable.  Here, you’ll find yourself paying more for the services as compensation for the expertise.
  • Reputation: if a service provider has a good reputation in the industry, you will trust them to deliver the best services. In this case, then, you can be sure that their services won’t come cheap.
  • Services offered: different IT support teams and service providers specialize in various IT services. A company that provides a comprehensive package will not charge rates as low as a company that offers only one service. Before hiring an IT consultant, ensure you establish your IT needs to prevent you from paying for services that you don’t need.
  • Performance reviews: what do other businesses say about the IT technician you want to hire?  Well-known professionals tend to charge more than professionals who are just getting started in the industry.
  • Scope of work: You’ll be at an advantage when you hire full-time than part-time. Think about economies of scale and the much you derive from having an expert monitoring your systems around the clock.
  • Supply and demand: the availability of IT support experts also determines the hourly rate for IT services in Toronto. If the demand is high and supply is low, you can expect to pay higher rates.

Hourly Rate for IT Services in Toronto vs. Managed IT Services Rates

You might be surprised to find out how expensive it is to hire a single IT staff member. Based on data from Payscale, an IT technician will cost your business anywhere between $36,000 and $67,000 annually. This range depends on the technician’s experience and the type of certifications they hold.

However, that is not all that goes into hiring an IT technician. Factor in other costs like:

  • Health benefits
  • Vacation time
  • Sick pay
  • Annual payroll tax
  • Space and resources to work with
  • Cost of training, both initial and ongoing

In most cases, the technician you hire can only offer entry-level capabilities. This means that sometimes it will be inevitable to outsource more help and experience. When they’re away on sick leave or vacation, someone needs to step in for them, increasing your expenses.

Considering the above factors, you might be wondering whether to hire IT services on an hourly basis or partner with an MSP based on a monthly fee. Working with an MSP comes with a cost advantage that you can’t get from hourly-based IT technicians. The option of having your IT needs taken care of by an outsourced company is more cost-effective than hiring on an hourly basis.

One benefit of managed services is that their overall goal is to help lower the cost of IT services while keeping your systems running at peak performance. Managed Service Providers are proactive in monitoring the health of your IT systems, hence preventing you from incurring downtime costs.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Outsourcing IT Services in Toronto

Most MSPs in Toronto offer IT support based on a monthly fee determined by the size of your organization and the services they provide. Many of them also follow a per-device price model for their services. On average, a business should expect to pay between $110-$115 per device monthly. While this cost can vary based on a few factors, it amounts to less than the $71,000 you’d spend on a single IT specialist.

The difference is not just in cost. When you outsource IT services, you get specialties in various technologies and enjoy more than basic system monitoring. Besides, your company is also at an advantage because of ongoing training and certifications. By outsourcing, you can rest assured that the diversity of experience and skills you get is well suited for your company. Professional service providers see new problems from different perspectives each day and have the skills and technology to solve them despite the scope. With outsourced services, you’ll have in-depth support to help you create a strategic road map to your goals.

Our Final Thoughts On The Hourly Rate Of IT Services In Toronto

The IT department is a crucial function that businesses cannot do without. However, it can be daunting to decide whether to hire a full-time employee or outsource the services. While it may seem cheaper to hire an IT specialist, it may cost you more in the long run compared to partnering with an MSP. You will have a cost advantage when you work with a professional service provider. You will also have peace of mind knowing your systems are well protected.

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