In this time of fast-paced digital advancement, the threat of cybersecurity attacks has also evolved to be more dynamic. These threats may include phishing, malware attacks, data breaches, among a myriad of things. Regardless of which kinds, though, one thing is for sure, the effects would cause losses for your business. Sadly, despite the tech available to boost cybersecurity, human error still plays a significant role in the vulnerabilities that threat actors take advantage of. Let us discuss the importance of good cyber awareness culture and how having an IT consulting firm can help start and maintain this.  

Importance of creating and fostering good cyber awareness culture 

Hackers often exploit human emotions and vulnerability in order to get through your company’s technological defenses. According to a recent study, about 95% of breaches start from human error. This largely results from employees not knowing about malware and the ways that phishing emails can bait them. Education and training are important. But, to strengthen this part in the multi-layered cybersecurity plan, integrating cyber awareness and good cybersecurity hygiene into a creating cyber-aware culture is more pressing.  

IT Consulting Firm

IT Consulting Firm

Start with small and easy steps, says IT consulting firm 

Culture is a slow and steady process. The best way to start is with simple changes in how things work within your company. Avoid complex strategies and do not dump everything all at the same time. This will only overwhelm your staff, hence becoming counterintuitive.  

Get everyone involved, including managers and executives 

Cyber Security is everyone’s concern. Similarly, breaches resulting from human error are not exclusive to staff. Hence, having everyone involved, especially the leaders in the company, is necessary. Likewise, getting them involved will send a stronger signal to everyone in the company to take the matter seriously. This in turn, would start a non-complacent attitude towards good cyber hygiene. You can start by having leadership participate in training sessions and allocate resources for these events.  

Have a reliable IT consulting firm that provides fund and engaging trainings 

Training and workshops for cyber security need not be as boring as 1’s and 0’s. A good and reputable IT consulting firm that helps conduct this would know how to make it engaging and fun. This may include videos, games and interactive programs. You can include a simulation of what happens during an attack for visualization and effectiveness.  

Talk like human, not 1000111001 

Yes, communication is the key. Cybersecurity experts tend to speak in a language common to their field. Unfortunately, these terms are alien to most people, especially those in need of training. Explain in simple terms the tech jargons. Give relatable examples and make the terms understandable to the less technical population.  

KISS! Keep IT Short and Simple 

Information overload is rarely effective. Make presentations and sessions short, simple and sweet. Segment modules to bite-sized pieces that can be processed and remembered easily. Microlearning approaches are more likely to be effective to keep staff receptive to these training sessions.  

Drills and Simulations from IT consulting firm 

What better way to teach about tech than to use tech! Give access to online platforms for learning modules. Use simulations of attacks such as phishing scams. Track those who clicked on the bait and show the process as it happens. Visualization makes these vague terms and concepts become clearer. At the same time, you can dissect the details in the software or email that should have been a red flag. You can also include learning resources and drills for password managers, email filtering, automated rules like Microsoft’s Sensitivity Labels and DNS filtering. 

Tech Training and Simulations

Tech Training and Simulations

Encourage reporting to reliable and easy to reach IT consulting firm 

Staff should be provided with a safe and accessible means to report any possible threat. You can create an anonymous reporting system, if needed. The recipient of the reports must also be able to respond promptly.  

Identify and empower enthusiastic employees 

You can pinpoint individuals who have a much better grasp at cyber security, the practice of cyber security hygiene and its importance. They can be the in-office resource of the other employees and help answer their questions on behalf of the IT consulting firm. This allows for better communication and strengthening of cyber security awareness culture. 

Cybersecurity in their personal lives, not just for work 

It must be emphasized that cyber threats are not limited to work and business. It also threatens their personal life. Therefore, the practice of good cybersecurity hygiene must be inculcated on a personal level as well. It encompasses having secure internet connections, strong passwords, MFA’s, among others.  

Recognize and celebrate success 

Recognition and positive affirmation are very powerful tools that will encourage vigilance. This can be from reporting a possible phishing email or having a low click-through in drills. Make sure these efforts and contributions are acknowledged in front of everybody. 

The role of IT consulting firm 

Starting and maintaining a strong culture of cyber ware workplace is challenging. And yet, once achieved, it leads to astonishing results. Continuous education and training are important. Similarly, repetition is a necessary tool. Gaining and keeping a good cybersecurity posture is a job for everyone, from office staff to the professionals in the IT consulting firm. Working together is the strongest defense against threat actors. 

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