Having an excellent IT support strategy is paramount in every business in today’s digital world. However, have you really investigated the advantages of contracting a managed IT services support rather than the traditional break/fix model? 

First, let us define what “Break/Fix” system means 

It is the classic way to go about things. When something breaks, IT fixes it. That is the extent of the interaction. However, what transpires is far more complicated than it sounds. 

When your computer crashes, your server malfunctions, or your network experiences an unexpected downtime, your first move is to contact IT support. The waiting time would not just kill your productivity and decrease income, it will also induce a lot of anxiety. And when they do come and complete the fix, you are slapped with a hefty fee.  

This system is basically just putting out fires as they come. You do not have a hand of when and to what extent the damage would be. And, at the end of it all, charge with a huge bill on top of the losses from the down time. Plus, the stress on your team as they catch up on all the work that was missed.  

Managed IT Services Support

Managed IT Services Support

The difference with Managed IT Services Support 

Having a contract with a managed IT services support team would still cost money, that is a fact. However, there is predictability in it as payments are scheduled. Therefore, a budget can be allocated and planned ahead of time.  

Similarly, with a contracted managed IT services team, you get a meticulous audit of your digital infrastructure, system and apps. This allows them to expedite the identification of issues and resolve them. Likewise, they can schedule preemptive maintenance out of peak hours. This will decrease downtime and stress for your business. Along with this, constant monitoring will also be done to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it should.  

As you partner up with a managed IT services support provider, you are also creating a link towards their reservoir of knowledge and experience. And because our society now lives and breathes technology, having these resources who are constantly staying abreast of the latest trends and industry best practices is a win. 

Overall, perhaps the most significant benefit lies in the peace of mind that having a managed IT services team affords. This therefore allows you and your team to focus on your business operation and growth. 

Knowing that your IT systems are in capable hands enables you to concentrate on your core business activities. No more midnight panic episodes over server meltdowns or network disruptions. With a contracted partner at your side, you can rest assured that your technological needs are being met. 

One of our expertise is Managed IT Services Support 

Break free of the traditional break-fix cycle. Embrace the advantages of a contracted managed IT services support with us. This is something we can definitely assist you with. Don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment for a consultation and see what we can bring to the table. 

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