Artificial Intelligence is now taking center stage in the technological revolution. Whereas more people are hopeful that this will help improve cybersecurity, such as the Microsoft Security Copilot, others are skeptical. Naysayers claim that AI is, at best, a double-edged sword when it comes to its function in the perpetual battle between cybersecurity and cyber criminals.

Generative AI with its ability to learn and adapt from previous commands, can be manipulated to serve whatever purpose its user thinks of. Chatbots that have convincingly become human-like. This would allow them to be able to produce commands and generate text with very little to no human intervention, eventually.

Given this, threat actors would not pass up the opportunity to use these AI services for their schemes. Just like business owners, they want to take advantage of the ease and efficiency that AI promises.


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Here are the top three ways that cyber crooks use AI:

1. Improved phishing emails
2. Misinformation dissemination
3. Creation of malware codes 

Improved phishing emails

In a recent report, over 25% of companies have banned the use of chatbots and Generative AI because of security and privacy concerns. However, not using Gen AI does not mean that a business is already free of the threat it poses.

In phishing for example, prior to the use of chatbots, phishing scams are usually caught because of spelling and grammar mistakes in emails. This is due to the fact that most of these scams are created and sent out by threat actors from different countries with very little language proficiency. With chatbots, however, language barriers become a non-issue. This is because AI creates well-written and convincing emails that do not have the error usually expected from phishing actors. This thereby successfully baits employees to click or download attachments with malware.

Misinformation dissemination

Using tools that are the opposite of ChatGPT such as FraudGPT and WormGPT, threat actors can now generate fake news easier and much more convincingly. Misinformation can be as simple as creating social media posts or news articles that malign influential people, like your company’s CEO. However, with recent technologies they can now even create “evidence” using deep fakes that create non-existent conversations using that CEO’s voice and even image. This damage to reputation, in turn, can cost the company significantly from the tremendous drop in investments, boycotts from customers and even personal relationship strains. This can even be used for ransomware to extort executives.

Creation of malware codes

AI tools are now able to create codes. Given its nature, it is bound to become better at it after every command. As such, a simple command or parameters added to the AI generated codes can turn an innocent project into malware. As such, coders are strongly recommended to triple check the codes they generate from AI services. Similarly, AI tool creators like OpenAI, for example, have also started working on ways to prevent code-hijacking or infection. This is to prevent their tools from being used by cybercriminals.

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Microsoft Security Copilot, Response to These Threats 

Microsoft, a leading figure in the industry, acknowledges the evolving challenges faced. Hence, the introduction of Microsoft Security Copilot on April 1st, 2024. This groundbreaking security solution leverages generative AI, integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft security products and employing natural language processing for tailored responses, offering superior guidance and insights. 

Microsoft Security Copilot stands as the pioneering AI-powered tool for cybersecurity professionals. The defenders are empowered though this tool. Its goal is to equip trusted IT experts with enhanced speed, thoroughness, and team competency against cyber threats. MS Copilot is expected to provide precise responses and intelligent instructions by using large language models (LLMs), i. This improves threat forecasting, detection, and response capabilities. 

With Microsoft Security Copilot, cybersecurity experts can now strengthen business systems swiftly and accurately. As such, ultimately enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture. 

We can help you maximize the power of Microsoft Security for your business

As these these threats go around, it is always best to be a few steps ahead of these scammers. We can work with your business to add multiple layers of protection from these dangers posed by GenAI and chatbots. Similarly, we can assist in integrating new tools from Microsoft for better security posture.  

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