Another great news announcement! EB Solution has been named as one of the Top Cybersecurity Companies in Canada by Design Rush.

We are thrilled to be named on this list as we are serving our customers all across Canada and United States with all the care, effort, and passion we have since 2011. We are providing a valuable service of taking on all of the IT headaches our clients have so that they could focus on other aspects of their business. And Public recognition as such just proves to us once again that we are on ​the right track. We are constantly growing and improving, and take this nomination not as a pinnacle of our work but as a step toward future operational excellence.

Thanks to everyone who we have the pleasure of working with,
EB Solution’s Team.


P.S. If you are wondering how EB Solution can help you with your IT headaches just schedule a quick 10-15 min call with our experts. No pressure, no obligations – just an honest talk about your problems and how EB Solutions can solve them for you.

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