Can you believe it? After 30 years of faithful service, Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on WordPad. The app that debuted with Windows 95. The app that helped millions of users without Word to open .doc files.

It wasn’t a surprise; we knew it would happen sooner or later. Microsoft had previously announced its plans to stop updating WordPad and eventually remove it from Windows altogether. They didn’t tell us when exactly they plan to remove it from Windows, only the fact that they plan to do it.

Why the Farewell to WordPad?

Let’s be honest, though. How many times have you accidentally opened a document in WordPad when you were aiming for Notepad? Or how many documents have you seen launch WordPad instead of Word? Many users often confuse those three. Could this common mix-up be the reason behind WordPad’s impending demise?

Or, if you look at it more cynically, Microsoft might be aiming to encourage more users to invest in Microsoft Word, a vital but not really necessary component of its Microsoft 365 suite.

What’s Next for Windows Users?

Let’s be honest, as a lifelong Windows user, I can confess that I’ve mostly opened WordPad only by mistake. I’m quite fond of Word, and I won’t be losing any sleep if Microsoft removes WordPad.

However, if you’re a diehard WordPad fan, don’t give up just yet. Microsoft is asking for feedback via the Windows Feedback Hub app. If they see a substantial wave of support for WordPad, who knows? Maybe Microsoft will reconsider and allow WordPad to stick around, even if it’s just as an optional, rarely-updated app.

Exploring Alternatives

As WordPad takes its final bow, it’s an opportune moment to explore alternative word processing options. There’s a multitude of robust and user-friendly word processing software available today, both free and paid. From the open-source LibreOffice Writer to the cloud-based Google Docs, you’re sure to find a tool that suits your needs.

The Bigger Picture: Evolving Technology

WordPad’s retirement serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of technology. While it may hold sentimental value for some, its retirement paves the way for progress and innovation.

And as old features make way for new ones, it’s crucial for businesses to stay adaptable. Ensuring that your workforce is proficient with the latest software and tools is an essential part of maintaining efficiency and productivity. If we can assist you in discovering the best apps for your business or provide guidance on adapting to these changes, please get in touch.

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