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IT support services are a vital investment for businesses in Toronto. SMEs, in particular, face unique challenges with IT planning, deployment, implementation, and maintenance, primarily due to inadequate resources. Fortunately, Toronto IT support comes through to level the playground and make your business equally competitive against established competitors.

This short-read covers the critical IT services that you’ll get from us.

Toronto IT Support

Toronto IT Support Services from EB Solution

Here are some of the services that you’ll get from EB Solution:

Business Continuity

Your company’s future cannot make sense if you don’t have an efficient and reliable data backup and business continuity strategy. People equate data recovery to business continuity, but the latter entails more than restoring your system after a disaster. Even after retrieving your data, your teams should also be able to reach clients.

As your trusted Toronto IT support agency, EB Solution aids your data recovery and business continuity efforts in the following ways.

  • Fast data retrieval – We’ll retrieve your digital assets from the cloud in just six seconds to ensure you’re up and running. Downtime will no longer hinder your competitiveness.
  • Regular backups – Our reliable systems continuously backup your data every five minutes to ensure it’s available for retrieval.
  • Leverage core technologies – We’ve partnered with the best cloud technology providers and deploy advanced tools and measures to secure your data and make it always available.
  • System monitoring around the clock – Your staff won’t always be available 24/7 to man your system, but we’ll always be on standby to protect your data from threats and criminals.

Cybersecurity Services

In the current highly connected world, all businesses are at risk. In the advancing threat landscape, small and medium-sized entities have a hard time accessing advanced cybersecurity solutions. EB Solution ensures a level playfield for Toronto businesses.

Our cybersecurity services encompass the following:

  • Top shelf threat protection capabilities – Attackers are getting smarter and can stop at nothing to breach your systems. Fortunately, our advanced cybersecurity solutions have excellent threat detection and prevention capabilities to ward off threat actors.
  • Data leak prevention and secured access – Instead of waiting for an actual attack, we are always ahead of cybercriminals, continuously identifying and sealing potential loopholes before they’re exploited. We also ensure security at every access point and prevent data leaks.
  • Monitoring the dark web – Surface security isn’t enough. We also keep an eye on the dark web to track any compromised vital business data.
  • Security awareness – We conduct phishing simulations to help employees understand the nature of these attacks and how they should address it and prevent reoccurrence.

Business Telephones

Legacy phone systems cost SMBs thousands of dollars in extra expenses annually. They also limit operations efficiency and profitability with numerous software and hardware upgrade requirements and regular maintenance. Fortunately, you can switch to our reliable and cost-effective telephone services.

Our unified communicating bundle covers the following business telephone elements:

  • Instant messaging – We’ll ensure quicker communication between your teams and prospective customers via social platforms and hosted chatbot services.
  • Multi-platform access – Users can use any platform to access our VoIP telephony provided they’re connected to the internet. This means you’ll always access our services on the go.
  • Call recording – Some calls may require future reference and must be recorded. Our call recording tools will safely retain the information for future use and service improvement.
  • Video/audio conferencing – Part of our VoIP telephony entails seamless video conferences.
  • Desktop sharing – We’ll let your team access particular desktop apps remotely, update information, and post results without physical presence.
  • Hosted fax services – The good old communication tool has gone digital. No need to acquire fax hardware, and you’ll just use an app for no extra charges.

Password Management

EB Solution is a reputable Toronto IT support company with an excellent success track record. We’ll aid the implementation of a practical password management strategy to keep your company networks and data safe from any form of malice targeting your vital log-in information.

Network Services

SMBs usually lack sufficient resources to acquire enterprise-grade network hardware or recruit experienced personnel. We’ll address all your networking needs, from design and documentation to installation, monitoring, and maintenance. Our solutions are tailored to address the needs of small businesses and come with the following benefits:

  • Free evaluation
  • Security and maintenance
  • A complete engineering scope
  • Business intelligence through statistics and analytics

Reach Out to A Reliable Toronto IT Support Provider

Partnering with a reliable IT support agency like EB Solution will relieve you from the complexities of technology and let you focus on core business. You need the above services to stay competitive and improve your returns, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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