There’s a reason why modern browsers have added “your password may have been compromised” notifications. Data breaches have become an unfortunate norm, which can lead to costly consequences for businesses and individuals.

Cybercriminals are constantly breaching websites, with an estimated 4,800 websites being targeted every month in 2022. Unfortunately, many breaches go unnoticed for long periods of time, as was the case with the data breach at CafePress in 2019. Consumers were not notified until several months after the incident, and the company faced action from FTC for its careless security practices.

The point is that months or years can go by without you knowing that your password has been compromised. It’s important to remember that a compromised password is just one aspect of a data breach, and there may be other personal information at risk. To safeguard yourself, it’s essential to stay informed about recent breaches and take appropriate measures to protect your personal information. By staying informed and taking proactive steps to protect your information, you can mitigate the impact of a data breach.

Recent Data Breaches That May Impact You

Data Breaches

Marriott Breach was Caused by a Single Computer

In July 2022, Marriott, a well-known hotel chain, experienced yet another data breach. The company attributed the incident to a single unsecured employee computer. Approximately 300-400 clients had their personal information, including credit card numbers and other confidential data, exposed in this breach.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Marriott had a cybersecurity incident. In fact, it has suffered three separate breaches within the past four years, which raises concerns about the company’s overall security practices. If you are planning on staying at any of the Marriott properties, we advise you to pay in cash.

2.5 Million Records Exposed in a Student Loan Breach

Did you or someone you know get a student loan from EdFinancial? How about the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA)? If so, you’d better change all your passwords, because these two organizations have been breached in July 2022 exposing personal information of over 2.5 million loan recipients.

The personal information at risk included:

  • Names
  • Home addresses
  • Phone numbers.
  • Social security numbers
  • Email addresses.

U-Haul Data Breach of 2.2 Million Individuals’ Data

In August 2022, the well-known rental company U-Haul suffered a significant data breach. The company notified customers of the incident, which involved the compromise of certain rental contracts between November 5, 2021, and April 5, 2022. The breach exposed personal information such as names, driver’s license numbers, and state identification numbers of over 2.2 million individuals who had rented vehicles from the company.

Microsoft Customer Data Breach

On October 19, 2022, Microsoft announced, that a data breach had occurred due to a server misconfiguration. The incident exposed customer data, specifically business transaction data, and it is estimated that more than 65,000 business entities worldwide may have been impacted.

Neopets Breach May Have Compromised 69 Million Accounts

The online platform Neopets, known for its cute virtual pets, fell victim to a data breach, surprising its users. The incident potentially exposed emails and passwords of an estimated 69 million accounts.

The full stolen Neopets database and a copy of the source code were being offered for sale on the dark web for about $94,500.

Shield Health Care Group Exposes Up to 2 Million Records

In March 2022, Shield Health Care Group, a Massachusetts-based company, discovered that it had been the victim of a data breach. The incident resulted in the compromise of up to 2 million customer records, which included sensitive information such as medical records, social security numbers, and other personal data.

Flagstar Bank Takes 6 Months to Identify Individuals Affected in a Breach

Flagstar Bank experienced a data breach, which wasn’t identified until 6 months later. The incident had a significant impact, as it exposed the social security numbers of around 1.5 million customers.

How Secure Is Your Network?

A secure network is essential for protecting sensitive information and maintaining the privacy and integrity of your data. And if you think that your business is “too small” for anyone to care, think again. Cybercriminals often target small businesses because they may have fewer resources and less robust security measures in place, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

A lack of network security leaves your small business vulnerable to ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other forms of cybercrime. Want to safeguard your data and minimize the risk of costly security incidents, but don’t know where to start? Start with a free consultation. Here at EB Solution, we’ve been helping local Toronto businesses secure their networks for more than a decade, so leave us a message with all your questions about data breaches and network security and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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