Smartphones: The Hole in Your Cyber Security Armor

Nowadays, everyone relies on their phones for almost everything. Not only has our smartphone replaced actual devices like clock, calendar, camera, radio, tv and even notepads, it has also become the portal to most of our daily tasks. Whether for personal or work-related activities, our phones have become our access points to emails, bank accounts, phone systems and so much more! In order to be convenient, some business telephone services now can also be integrated in smartphones. Needless to say, our phones are now a goldmine of confidential data like financial information, messages, photos and contact details.

Convenient Business Telephone Services But Dangerous

And with the convenience of having everything at the touch of your fingers, it is not hard to understand why many business owners allow their staff to access work data using phones. Having access to work emails and other data allows for quicker response time for both internal and external communications, regardless of staff location. You need a report re-sent to you while your staff is on the road, for example? It can be done with their mobile phones. Customers needing assistance? They can also be helped even if your customer service rep is out of the office. The danger, however, lies in security.

business telephone services

business telephone services

Most companies overlook this aspect of security. As such, most phones used for work are not kept as secure as they should be, unlike other devices in the workplace. Hence, making it the hole in an otherwise sturdy cyber security armor. Unfortunately, cyber attackers know this all too well. That is why they also worm their way in through phones just as much as they do in networks or servers, cloud or physical. Aside from cyber criminals, data is also put at huge risk through other means. Some of these include losing the phone, getting it stolen or even damaged.

Security is the Key for Business Telephone Services

If you are one of those business owners who realized this issue just now, no need to worry! You can still implement security measures for you and your team to follow. Doing this as soon as you can, will significantly decrease the possibility of being a victim of cyber-attack. Here’s what you can do:

First step would be to establish a PIN and a biometric login. This includes either a fingerprint or face scan to open the device used by your staff for work.

Next, there should be a strict protocol to install only apps from reliable sources. This would include using genuine software for these applications.

Another step is to make use of MFA’s or Multi-Factor Authentication for your apps. This is especially needed for those that include sensitive data about your customers or business.  

Also, another very important aspect of security is about connections. Recommend that your employees be wary about connecting to Wi-Fi systems that they are not secured. This usually happens when they are working remotely and would, most likely, connect to public networks. You can also consider using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. This is to add an extra layer of security since you never know who is checking your traffic on the public network.

Lastly, do not forget to update your phone’s operating software. You must ensure your phone is always running the latest versions.

Get a Trusted Business Telephone Services Provider

Our mobile phones have made a lot of things easier for both business owners and employees. And with the ease and convenience they bring, it is also easy to take them for granted. This complacency could become very costly in the end. If you need help in protecting all of your business’ data behind those tiny screens, get in touch with us now! EBSolution have been providing reliable business telephone services to our clients across different industries. We can take care of this for you too!

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