In today’s tech-driven environment, especially in your workplace, knowing the importance of cyber security is tantamount to another layer of protection itself. And with the steady rise in the number of breaches, cybersecurity firms emphasize that being a step or two ahead the threat actors are essential. However, knowing and applying the cyber security best practices is a whole different story. Hence, the doubt in the efficacy of the traditional yearly cyber security training that most companies sign up their team for.  

Does annual cybersecurity training still have a bearing? 

It is not to say that this training is completely useless. This is because having that itself contributes to the employee’s knowledge of the threats that are out there. In fact, cybersecurity firms say that it is a great practice for companies to keep this in their annual calendar. However, overtime has become burdensome and dull for most employees.

Cybersecurity firms: Annual Cybersecurity Training is Great! But is it enough

Cybersecurity firms: Annual Cybersecurity Training is Great! But is it enough

Do these trainings lead to good cyber security habits? 

Most of the time, the tasks associated with the training-such as videos or slides-are simply skimmed or run just to complete the requirement. Aside from this, there is also very little to no evidence that these training tasks lead to adaptation of good cyber security habits. This is because for most parts, these training courses do not connect with the employees personally.  

What can be done to encourage the practice of good habits?  

There is a new and better way that your team can do. Cybersecurity firms suggests the use smaller warnings or info graphic notices released regularly as your employees do their tasks. This would be similar to road signs you encounter while driving or warning signs you get when sending emails, text or applying changes to your phone or website settings. It allows your staff to think and review their actions before moving forward. Hence, being aware of their actions for every click of the mouse. 

Through this, you are directing your staff towards safer actions as they do their jobs. Along the way, they also get to develop good cyber hygiene habits without the information overload.  

Our cybersecurity firm can help your team! 

Yes, annual cyber security training is still a need for education and knowledge base. However, it would be best to apply a new approach in congruence to it to establish good cyber hygiene habits. This is something that our cybersecurity firm can help yours with. Schedule your consultation today and let us create a personalized plan for your business. 

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