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In the world of small business, there are very specific factors that allow one to get ahead of the rest. These usually include operational attributes such as productivity, efficiency and technology. Recently, Microsoft’s Copilot has risen to become a tipping-point in this competitive landscape. Now, it has become accessible to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that use Microsoft products such as the 365 Business Standard or Business Premium. And so, EBSolution-a Toronto-based IT consultant, offers information and services tailored for the growth of your small business.

First thing first, what is Microsoft Copilot? 

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered software in the form of a chat (yes just like in teams or messenger). It uses a language model (Large Language Models or LLM for those who know what this is about) that allows it to understand a command that uses the human terms and speech patterns. For example, you can type “summarize book review” and it will do just that. Thus, there is no longer necessitating for other codes. Because it is a Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) or an AI that learns over time, it also improves its understanding of the language. Hence, leading to producing better results in the future.  

Copilot was at first created for venture enterprises and has integrated to the M365 suites over time. This assimilation has opened the doors for SMBs as the AI-tool upgrade operational model, enable content creation, defining workflows and increasing productivity. 


Toronto IT consultant

Toronto IT consultant

IT consultant from Toronto explains how can Copilot help your business

Easier Content Writing 

Copilot can create a draft for you to kick-start your writing mode. So, whether the task is for a blog, presentation or marketing material this AI-powered tool can make it easier. It can also help create email responses and craft customer service replies. Its intuitive suggestions help any writer get rid of their block.

Increase Productivity 

Repetitive tasks that burn out your staff can now be looked after by Microsoft Copilot. Users can automate tasks and use one of its smart recommendations. This, therefore, redirects your employees’ talents towards more cerebral tasks such as strategic planning. With the automated completion of reports and data entry, your team’s efficiency is increased. This leads to more problem-solving and income-generating projects. 

Better Communication and, as a result thereof, Collaboration 

Clear, specific and concise instructions and guidelines are the basis of a successful operation. Copilot bolsters this by making good-quality suggestions, fixing grammatical issues and providing consistent information. This can then be relayed across all concerned parties. Because of better communication, collaboration becomes easier between teams as well. Thereby resulting in excellent project execution and better customer service.  

Less Learning Curve 

New employees would now have an easier time learning the ropes in their new workplace. The Copilot’s context-aware guidance and smooth integration with other Microsoft 365 apps helps with this. This therefore allows the newbie to acclimatize quicker and contribute significant input. 


Toronto IT consultant

Toronto IT consultant

Which departments within SMBs does Copilot work well? 

Marketing and Sales 

Marketing efforts to reach out to customers are made easier with Copilot. Starting from conceptualizing unique marketing plans to creating presentations for it and drafting personalized communication to customers. Similarly, sales statistics from using the marketing plans are also easily compiled and analyzed with the assistance of Copilot.  

Customer Service 

Because of the availability and quick response time provided by Copilot, customer experience is improved. Speedy delivery of service or resolution of issues are one of the things that this AI toll can help you achieve for your business.  

Project Management 

Copilot augments tasks related to the different phases of project management. This begins with the planning wherein fresh ideas and creative concepts can come from AI-generated suggestions. It also assists in tracking progress as well as the laying down of accurate facts in the project evaluation. This allows for objective data on what needs to be worked on to improve. Collaboration is also fostered so that stakeholders continue to be in the loop from project inception to fruition. 

Finance and Accounting 

Copilot smoothens financial operations, reports generation quickly and delivers valuable insights. This is through task automation and enhanced data analysis. 

Toronto IT consultant can help you start using Copilot for your Small Business

Setting up Copilot for your business would be easy for business owners who are knowledgeable, updated and experienced in technology. The first step would be to ensure compatibility of your system by getting Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Business Standard subscriptions. Next, Copilot can then be procured as an add-on. After that, it can now be integrated seamlessly into existing Microsoft 365 applications with the aid of IT support. 

Following this, users need to explore Copilot’s functionalities and get familiar Microsoft 365 environments if they aren’t already. Following this, they would then discover its potential in enhancing workflows. This may need training done by a qualified IT consultant support team based in Toronto.  

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