What Is The Price Of Outsourced IT Services In Toronto?

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The price of outsourced IT services in Toronto depends on several factors. When you reach out to a managed service provider (MSP) they will first help you do a complete audit of your IT systems and decide which IT functions you want to outsource, and only after they’ll quote you based on the following factors:

  • Type of Services Needed
  • Size
  • Number of Devices
  • Number of Hours
  • Contract Length

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Types of Outsourced IT Services

There are usually 2 types of IT outsourcing:

Partially Outsourced IT Services

Partially outsourced IT services also known as Co-Managed IT services are a great way to help out your internal IT team. They are extremely valuable when you are trying to fill some specific skill gaps in your internal team like cyber security specialists or network engineers, or when you are simply understaffed. With partially outsourced IT services you augment your internal IT team to make it more effective and efficient.

Fully Outsourced IT Services

Fully outsourced IT services is when an MSP is completely taking over your company’s IT management. It’s a great choice for companies with no understanding of what IT systems are, how they work, and which ones their business needs. In this case an MSP can not only design, implement, monitor, and maintain IT systems for you, but they also can educate your employees on how to do it.

Factors Determining the Price Of Outsourced IT Services

They are pretty much self-explanatory


Large organizations have more employees and devices, bigger networks with complicated infrastructure than a small or mid-sized organization.

Type of Services Needed

Consider the type of IT services you want from your IT service provider. Some companies need only basic monitoring and maintenance. While others care deeply about their cyber security, networking infrastructure, and IP telephony systems.

Number of Devices

The more devices a company has, the more support they need.

Contract Length

Shorter contract usually cost more on per-hour basis than longer ones. Most providers prefer contracts that run for 1 year or more.

Number of Hours 

Not even sure that we need to explain this one. More hours of work = more money to pay, simple as that. You can check out our blog post about average hourly rate for IT services in Toronto to learn more.

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How are Outsourced IT Services Priced in Toronto?

In Toronto, IT service providers use different models to price their services. Most popular ones are:

Per-User Pricing

Just like the name suggests, per user pricing is when MSP charges a customer based on the number of users(employees who need support) they have. This one is the most common pricing model. The MSP will count all the employees in your company who depend on IT to perform their tasks, and bill you accordingly.

Per-Device Pricing

In this model, instead of getting billed per user you are getting billed per working device a user has. Your devices may include desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, servers, and cloud-based storage devices. At the first glance it may seem more complicated and less efficient when per-user pricing, but it really shows its strengths if a business uses policies like “bring your own devices(BYOD)” or hybrid work environment.

Monitoring-Only Pricing

You may choose a monitoring-only service where your IT service provider monitors your IT systems for ransomware, non-compliance, unoptimized applications, upcoming updates, and other opportunities to optimize your systems. MSP will alert your in-house IT team about programs that need to be updated, security measures that need to be taken, and IT compliances that haven’t been achieved. Under this model, you will also get alerts about cybersecurity incidents such as unsuccessful hacking attempts, detected phishing emails, and unnatural network activity.

Network Monitoring Plus Support

To be honest, most reputable providers may be reluctant to offer monitoring-only services. Their concerns are that your internal IT team won’t be effective enough and won’t react to the alerts in time. This would leave your company exposed to IT risks, defeating the reason for hiring a top-tier MSP. Besides, they are there to ensure your business continuity, and anything that threatens it makes them fail to achieve that objective.

Also, MSPs are the ones who usually gets blamed for all the IT issues in the company, and no one wants to get blamed for thing they aren’t responsible for.

Tiered Pricing Model

Some providers offer different price ranges for different levels of services. This is excellent as you can scale up or down your payments depending on what you need at a specific time. For instance, if you are overhauling your IT infrastructure to modernize it, you may choose a tier with more services. Once your team has familiarized itself with the new infrastructure, you can opt for a lower level.

With all these models, most providers ask for an initial payment and a monthly payment. The monthly charges vary depending on the pricing model you prefer. Some providers ask for a fixed monthly retainer.

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