Today’s businesses have mostly switched to cloud computing for their data storage needs. This industry has quickly become popular and achieved staggering growth in the past few years. And why not? Network services experts advocate this because businesses achieve smooth-running operations at a reduced cost. Additionally, cloud computing is flexible and scalable, making it perfect for the ever-changing business landscape.

However, did you know that there is another benefit of cloud computing that affects not just your business but impacts us globally? Yes, cloud computing is also environmentally friendly!

Network Services

Network Services

Network services professionals explain how

Cloud computing uses a main data storage facility outside of the individual offices. This is usually run by companies who have built their large-scale data centers. By using this, businesses can save as much as 95% of energy as they do not need to keep their computers on even without using them. Furthermore, studies suggest that cloud computing can decrease carbon dioxide emission by 30 to 90%.

However, while cloud computing itself reduces carbon footprint, the growth of the cloud computing industry also increased the use of energy. This seems to offset the benefits previously mentioned. That is why you should investigate the individual providers and how they run their data storage facilities.

Not all cloud computing providers are built the same, advised by network services experts

One of the things that network services specialists want you to consider would be the location of the data centers for these providers. Some have chosen green alternatives for efficient cooling (which needs a lot of energy) such as placing them underwater or in places with renewable energy sources that use wind or solar energy. Larger companies have already started migrating their systems to use cleaner energy sources. Businesses like Amazon and Google, for example, target on going carbon-negative by the year 2030.

The shift, however, is capital-intensive, and as such, may pose a big challenge to smaller companies with limited resources. Hence, governments are now taking initiatives to aid these smaller players. Just like the US Department of Energy’s Data Accelerator program. 

Network Services

Network Services

Network services specialists shares other benefits of going “Cloud”

Aside from the environmental impact of switching to cloud computing, there are other benefits specific for your business. These include data security, accessibility and scalability, which are perfect for those starting and growing businesses.  

With cloud computing, backup and recovery of data are also easier. This allows for better cyber resilience in the event of a cybersecurity breach. It also protects business data in case of loss of physical equipment. This is particularly helpful in fires, natural disasters, theft and even states of unrest. With your data safe and away from your office site, you are sure that they can be recovered, and your business can restart once the dust settles.  

In today’s work remote or hybrid office set-up, cloud computing has been a great way to keep everyone connected despite physical distance. Data is accessible to anyone in the office, without being in-office, physically. This ease in collaboration and communication allows for better results for your team while improving your employee’s well being.

Lastly, one of the main advantages of cloud computing is its scalability. You can increase or decrease your storage and processing power depending on your business needs. Pump it up during your business’s peak season or take it down a notch or two during the off season, and you would not have any trouble in doing so. This decreases costs while you maintain or increase your profit.  

With so many advantages, businesses cannot help but ditch their servers. And so should you! Still unsure about making this huge business decision? Talk to your reliable network services experts!  We have different IT solutions for you to choose from. And we can guide you as to which would work best for your company.

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